Wood Blinds For The New Home

My girlfriend and I finally moved into a new place of our own together. We managed to divy up decorating and design assignments, and I’ve been placed on the all-important window treatments. I’ve just finished window treatment decorations in my house and thought I would share some insights. This is for those of you searching for a little inspiration or some fun, new ideas. I’ve decided to go with wood blinds throughout the house using the Smith+Noble web site to custom design them for each room.

I’ll start with my living room. This is probably the most exciting style I’ve tried. Now since you cannot see them, I’ll just describe. The windows I’m working with are floor to ceiling. Instead of just blinds, I decided to layer my window treatments combining natural wood blinds with deep plum panels. The style adds a dramatic effect to the room without overwhelming you in its sheer height.

In the kitchen I kept it somewhat lighter. The inspiration for the lighter wood blinds came from the tiles. Hints of light tan tiles are speckled along the wall above the counter. The wood blinds control the level of natural lighting pouring in during the day.

Decorating my own bedroom, I went with a soft, light green set of wood blinds. The color accents the natural wood window framing like moss on a tree. A pleasant site, even if there is nothing but urban buildings outside your window!

Remember, wood blinds don’t have to look like something out of an old Western flick. They can have a beautiful and contemporary look to compliment whatever style you choose.

Hopefully this was helpful and inspiration for you. Cheers!


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