Wonderful World Of Wallpaper

For years, wallpaper had become the clear evidence that a house had not been redecorated in a while. Recently, however, wallpaper has been making a comeback, and wallpaper is no longer equivalent to big, ugly flowers (my opinion as a child); rather, wallpaper offers many options, and some of them include anything but flowers.

First, I should probably give you an overview of the newest and best items in wallpaper. In spot Number Three is the bamboo wallpaper; this paper looks and even feels like little sticks of bamboo on your walls. The look is beautiful and classy and can match almost any room needing a natural touch. In spot Number Two, self-adhesive wallpaper. After years of using glue to put up wallpaper, we finally have self-adhesive wallpaper! Basically, if you have used a stamp, you can use this wallpaper; however, make sure it’s straight because once it’s stuck, it’s pretty hard to move. Finally, the Grand Champion, in the Number One spot: Paintable Wallpaper. Now, you may be wondering why in the world anyone would want paintable wallpaper. Well, paintable borders have beautiful patterns, and you can paint them to match any room. Also, if you are renting an apartment or home, you may be able to wallpaper while you are not allowed to paint; then, this is a great option.

Wallpapering is a difficult business, but there are a lot of people ready to help you. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s often give free classes on how to wallpaper. Granted these are marketing tools to get your business, but you are not required to purchase anything and you learn helpful hints from the professionals. Sometimes you can even get a discount if you shop after going to one of these classes. Many websites also offer wallpaper calculators to help you purchase the correct amount of wallpaper the first time, but you will probably want to buy just a little extra in case of any mishaps.

Before wallpapering you will need to prep your wall and follow the instructions given with the wallpaper to the letter. However, before you start this process, evaluate how long you plan to be in your home. If your answer is less than five to ten years, I don’t suggest wallpapering. Generally, homes are easier to sell without wallpaper, so you may be having to take it down very soon. Although wallpaper can be taken down with the solutions from retail stores or homemade solutions, you don’t want to have to go through the process soon after putting the wallpaper up.

Wallpaper can be a great addition to your home, making a beautiful statement on your tastes and personality. Continue shopping around until you find a wallpaper that you love since you will have to live with whatever you choose. Sometimes you may find that painting your walls and putting up a matching border achieves the exact look that you want, but if not find some wallpaper and enjoy your initiation into the wonderful world of wallpaper!

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