Weekend Home Improvement Projects To Brighten Your Space

Home improvement can be a beast of a task. It never fails that when my husband and I have a weekend of projects planned, if we don’t have a plan, we almost always end up a bit sour towards each other. Trying trying times I tell ya!

If you don’t have experience in home improvement it can be depressing and frustrating. With a bit of research and some guidance in your back pocket however, you will do just fine in all your home projects.

Begin by deciding what changes are highest on your list of priorities, and determine how much you are able to pay. If you fail to do these things, it’s probable that you’ll spend more money and time than you want and not get everything done, least of all end up sour at the significant other!


There is no easier way to improve the look of your home than to paint the walls. Your walls will eventually need repainted anyway, right? A new coat of paint can truly make the interior of your home look not only refreshed but also crisp and clean!

Applying light colored paint to your walls can make a small room appear larger. When you are selecting paint make sure you bring the sample home and check it in your light and different times of the day. It is very different than in the store. Also when looking at paint look at the very last color on the paint swatches to see what the base color is. This will tell you if a beige looking paint is really going to pull a pink color when on the walls.

new paint for refreshing interiors

Shine A Light On It

It does not have to be expensive to replace lighting. Almost every home improvement store offers inexpensive takes on high-end lighting. Think about adding pendant lights where a chandelier was, or a chandelier where a ceiling fan was used before, new bathroom lighting will completely change the look of a space and give you an entire new decorating style.

***Please make sure when you are switching out lights that you know what you are doing AND that you have all breakers off before touching anything to do with lighting. The video below will give you a quick tutorial to refresh your skills!

Giving The Kitchen A Facelift

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors can be a cost effective and easy way to drastically change the look of your kitchen. You should use glass doors vs traditional wooden doors so you can make your kitchen brighter and open up your space. You can even add accent pieces in the open glass cabinets to give a nice visual appearance. Change the color with paint. Remove the panels and use metal, rough wood, fabric, or chicken wire to add some interest.

Something as simple as adding new cabinet pulls in a kitchen can completely change the look of the kitchen. You can change from a traditional style room to an upscale contemporary look just by adding new hardware. All home improvement stores have a nice selection of hardware that you can usually pick up on the cheap. How’s that for some great ideas for a quick and inexpensive kitchen redo?

New Rags On The Floor

Well not really rags! If you have hard floors (you can even place area rugs over carpeting) a nice rug will make the room look better and add comfort. I live in a very old and drafty house and the area rugs really help the space warm up and give the comfort that makes us all want to sit on the floors.

A new area rug can bring new color and new life into a room. You can completely change the style of a room by changing the area rug, adding some pillows and tossing in a few new accessories. Even changing the direction of the rug will give you an entirely new look for the room.

Doing any one of or even all of these things to your home will help you bring your ideas to life and make your home beautiful! Make sure you have everyone on the same page when you begin your projects so there aren’t any disagreement or frustrations come Monday morning!

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