Few Unique And Simple DIY Ideas For Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom is an important part of any building that should be maintained in the right condition. The hygiene of the residents largely depends on their bathroom, and it should also bear all convenient facilities for them. Due to frequent use, different features of bathrooms face wear and tear after a few years. So the house owners need to renovate their bathrooms at regular intervals. As the hiring of professionals may be quite expensive, you may consider the application of some DIY techniques for your bathroom renovations. Thus, you can save a lot of money and also get your bathrooms in refreshed looks.

Easy And Effective DIY Works For Bathroom Renovations

  • Change of damaged floor tiles – The tiles of the bathroom floors are often discoloured, stained and even cracked from prolonged use. So the replacement of only the damaged tiles is one of the intelligent DIY techniques of bathroom renovations. However, house owners need to be careful while taking out the worn out grout of tile joints for replacing the old tiles. They also need to find new tiles of the same materials and shades as the existing ones.
  • Refreshing bathroom walls – The stained or faded walls of the bathrooms can be rendered new look by pasting glossy wallpapers. This is an easy process that can hide all ugly stains on the bathroom walls, which is the cheapest form of bathroom renovation. The homeowners may also brush the walls and ceiling of their bathrooms with best quality paints of their chosen colours. If there is any mould or crack on the wall, it should be addressed before adding wallpapers or paints. Old tiles of the walls can be rubbed with sandpaper to clean and restore the original glaze.

  • Add new towel racks or rods – Old towel rods may be replaced with new towel racks or rods of the latest style. The colour of towel rods or ladder-type racks should match the colour scheme of the bathroom, and you may attach holders of same design or shade to them as well.
  • Add a frame to the mirror – The old bathroom mirror should be cleaned with suitable glass-cleaning lotion. Then the appearance of this mirror can be renewed by adding a fresh frame with glossy papers or by spray painting around the mirror. Thin tapes may be used for pasting artistic papers on mirror frames. Addition of a larger mirror may also be effective in DIY bathroom renovations.
  • Replace toilet seat and lid – There is no need of replacing the entire toilet unit, as that would require the service of a plumber. It is better to clean the toilet bowel and tank thoroughly on a regular basis using washing soda, borax powder or vinegar. Moreover, it is better to replace the porcelain toilet seat and the lid of the toilet with new ones of the same shade. Thus, it is very simple and cheap renovation step that can be taken by the homeowners.

  • Installation of new lighting – Old and shabby looking lighting fixtures may hamper all effects of even the best bathroom renovations. Hence, the introduction of new stylish lighting fixtures may change the entire look of a bathroom. Moreover, all the existing electrical wires should be checked by a licensed electrician. The window and ventilator of the bathroom should be cleaned and repainted, as they allow entry of natural light into the bathroom.
  • Upgrade all bathroom fixtures – The existing bathroom vanity can be freshly painted and the old knobs or handles may be replaced with new decorative pieces. The discoloured showerheads, damaged taps, soap dishes and other fixtures can also be replaced easily by the house owners.

All these easy DIY tips of bathroom renovations can bring a new look to old bathrooms, which make the residents feel energetic and cheerful too.

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