Wall Decor: Decorating Your Walls With Unique Art, Frames and Treasures

My husband and I moved into a new home and you would think as an interior designer I would know exactly what to put where, right?  For two weeks, I stood staring at a blank walls, trying to figure out what wall decor I should use. Finally, I realized that my problem was that I was thinking too small!  Instead of looking at the over all “picture” of our home, I was thinking about a painting or a picture frame, I should have been using my creativity to get the bigger picture first and then fill in the blanks.

Paintings, picture frames and wall decor are great additions to walls, but there are other options as well. If you’re just a little handy and can use a hammer in just a small bit of time, you can make unique wall decorations that will be the envy of your friends neighbors and a joy in your home.

Think Outside the “Sewing” Box For Wall Decor

buttons for wall decorI have a hard time when someone passes and I want to keep something that reminded me of them or small trinkets that I gave them or they gave me.  When I see that item it reminds me of them and brings back fond memories and a smile to my face that I loved them and they loved me.

I have often times created shadow boxes to represent my passed loved ones.  I have gone to antique stores and found old domino sets and handkerchiefs and other items that reminded me of my loved ones and created shadow boxes with the new found items and things I had of theirs that fit into the motif of the box. The boxes are great wall decor but they also symbolize the love and legacy left by those we love.

Get Out The Hammer

Usable Wall DecorIf you love blankets or quilts, there are some very unique ways to decorate your walls with these things. This is where the hammer comes in, by the way. You can actually take pieces of wood attached to your wall, drill holes in them, and put dowel rods in the holes. On these rods you can hang your quilts or blankets just like you can on a regular quilt rack, except this way they decorate your walls. Placing the items just above a sofa is a great way to keep blankets nearby when you watch movies or snuggle up next to the fire.

Also, if you enjoy quilting or sewing, you may want to use a similar structure on the wall to hold bolts of fabric for your creations. The walls look lovely, and you’re also organizing your home! I was blessed to have my grandmother’s quilting rack that she used to make hundreds of quilts for her growing family.  There are pieces of fabric on it that I gave her and it sits as a decoration piece with a quilt on it to remind me of her, to display one of her quilts and it compliments the quilts I have on the walls as decorations.

Unique Artwork Ideas

  • Using old windows and some curtains to make a faux window in a room without enough windows can really add character to your space.  Even hanging old windows on your walls can be a neat expression and is something I have done.  The glass reflects light and makes the room brighter than before.antique window frames as artwork and wall decor
  • You can use old picture frames to “frame” an oil painting or wall collage or quotations (add family photos and trinkets from the leftovers from the shadow box example above can also be framed for a unique and living testament to your family and loved ones).
  • Using small vases, you can have fresh flowers hanging on your wall or even add window boxes under your faux windows with fresh flowers or “fake” flowers that you can change out for holidays.
  • You could also make part of your wall into corkboard or a set of box frames so that you can display your children’s or grandchildren’s artwork.

How ever you choose to decorate your walls, create a home that will be enjoyable for all. When a room fits the personality of you and your family then anyone who visits will feel comfortable spending time with you. Your comfort is equivalent to your guests’ comfort, so enjoy your home and your friends will enjoy it too.

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