Some homes have sunrooms or solariums and they are great rooms to read the paper, enjoy a glass of wine or a sip a cup of coffee. Discover unique ways to decorate your sun room.

  • Tips for Selecting Outdoor Wicker Furniture
    Spending time outdoors is good for your health and well-being. Even a little time spent outdoors can be a great way to de-stress and is good for your mental health. To be able to do this, you need to have a comfortable outdoor space.
  • Outdoor Decorating Ideas With Garden Planters For Your Yard
    Yard deprivation does not mean you cannot surround yourself with beautiful plants. These outdoor decorating ideas with planters will give a beautiful garden anywhere [...]
  • Outdoor Decorating With Patios, Decks & Gazebos
    Free-standing outdoor spaces, such as gazebos or other garden structures, differ from sheltered spaces in several ways. Generally, they are not seen from the front of the house and are usually integrated with the landscape [...]
  • Choosing Decorative & Functional Furniture For Your Front Porch
    Furniture for outdoor use spans the designs made popular through the centuries. You can select benches similar to those used in Versailles, Adirondack chairs, antebellum wrought iron inspired by Victorian New Orleans, and myriad other choices [...]
  • About Patios, Decks & Gazebos Part 2
    This is the second in a series of articles about decorating outside. To figure out traffic patterns, think about how you will enter this outdoor room. Will it be mostly from the house? Is the approach a path from the house or porch? Are there other areas, such as garden beds, potting sheds, bird baths, or lawn seating, that should determine exits from the patio or deck? It can be irritating to have to circumvent a deck rail or hedge to get to a frequently used destination, such as the potting shed or the barbecue grill. Figuring out potential trouble spots in advance will save you time and aggravation [...]
  • How To Decorate Sunrooms & Porches
    Attached outdoor spaces that provide total or partial shelter should be considered an extension of the home's interior design. In most cases these areas embrace an entrance or serve to join two interior areas--a breezeway, for example [...]
  • Introduction To Outdoor Decorating
    Savvy homeowners don't end their decorating at the door, they keep going to include the decks, porches, sunrooms, and patios that surround their homes [...]
  • Decorating Tips For Your Front Porch Or Sunroom
    Pillows, upholstery, slipcovers, shades and blinds, lighting, flooring, and rugs all make a sunroom or a porch lush and comfortable [...]
  • The Outdoor Family Room
    A deck or patio is used most often as a fair-weather family room, decorate it like you do your indoor spaces [...]
  • Deck Decoration
    A deck may not count towards the square footage of your home, but it will help your home feel larger and expand your opportunities for entertaining [...]

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