Kitchens & Dining Rooms

Kitchens and dining rooms have had a change of purpose over the last 50 years or so, use our articles to learn how to turn your kitchen into the family gathering place. Often dining rooms are only used for those special occasions and they should be decorated nicely for those times but why not decorate them so you will use the dining room every day!

  • How Does Kitchen Remodeling Impact A Home's Value?
    Your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Not only is it the place where you prepare meals for your busy family, but it is also the nerve center of the entire home. Gone are the days when homeowners entertained their guests in formal dining rooms. Today’s homeowners prefer to spend time with their family and friends in the kitchen, where they drink and cook together.
  • Decorating A Kitchen On A Budget: How To Do It
    Who says you can’t liven up your old kitchen without spending your kids’ trust fund? Decorating a kitchen on a budget is easy, all you need is a bit of ingenuity to fire up some inspiration.
  • Kitchen Upgrades that Increase Your Home's Value
    Having a home is necessary in order to survive. For us humans, it is even more elaborate. Our goal is to have homes that not only serves the purpose of a safe and secure dwelling place, but also serves as an outlet where we can express our individuality and sense of style. While our tastes vary, there is one common ground we share and that is our desire to have a home that is neither rented or nor shared with other families [...]
  • Warm Up Your Kitchen With A New Color Scheme
    The kitchen is the hub of the busy family home and this applies no more accurately than in the winter months, with bowls of piping hot soup warming the kids up after school and the smell of a casserole cooking in the oven providing you with a real energy kick in the evenings. If your kitchen isn't making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, maybe it's time to take a close look at your kitchen color scheme [...]
  • How To Choose Good Quality Appliances
    Appliance buying is certainly an investment. Many major appliances cost hundreds of dollars and you rely on the machines in your everyday life. A little research before buying can help you avoid wasting your money and ending up with an unreliable or overpriced machine [...]
  • Want A Beautiful Kitchen? How About A Few Useful Remodeling Tips
    Remodeling kitchen is off course an exciting task and fun as well, provided that you take all the important aspects into consideration. These tips will help you immensely in designing a beautiful kitchen [...]
  • What One Should Have In An Outdoor Kitchen
    When it comes to the kitchen, while the scale of your outdoor kitchen would depend on your budget and available space, there are a few features that are essential to all outdoor kitchens [...]
  • In Need Of A New Kitchen?
    The kitchen is without doubt one of the primary rooms in a home and because of this we need to be sure that the room is well equipped with storage and space and also offers a comfortable area to sit down in [...]
  • Creating A Modern Designer Kitchen
    Making your kitchen attractive, contemporary and beautiful may seem like a tough thing to do ? especially on a smaller budget ? but in reality, it?s not that hard at all. In fact, there are just a few little tips that are worth remembering when you invest in what you need [...]
  • The Easy Way To Make Seat Covers For Bar Stools
    A step-by-step guide on how to easily create seat covers for bar stools [...]
  • How About Creating The Perfect Dining Room All Year Round!!!
    Today, busy families find little time to gather at the dinner table. And the formal dining room in many homes is relegated to special occasions and holidays. With a little thought and some creativity, you can convert this little used space [...]
  • Island Kitchens, Part 3
    Island kitchens have unique challenges. This third articles in the series helps you wrap it all up [...]
  • Global Dining Rooms, Part 2
    Decorating your dining room, the second in the series [...]
  • Single-Line Kitchens, Part 2
    Single line kitchens are challenging, where to store, types of cabinets to use, how to make use of the space plus more [...]
  • Single-Line Kitchens, Part 1
    Compact and easy to run but often tight on space, single-line kitchens need to be planned with ingenuity if they are to offer a workable layout [...]
  • Dramatic Dining Rooms, Part 2
    Furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting and everything you need to make the most dramatic of dining rooms [...]
  • Scandinavian Kitchens, Part 1
    With its streamlined country elegance, the Scandinavian style is an ideal solution for the heart of the home. Natural finishes and understated decorations combine to create a sense of warmth and hospitality for a family kitchen [...]
  • Global Dining Rooms, Part 1
    Dining room decor should lift the spirits to complement the food you are serving. Global styling is ideal for creating an exciting sense of theater that livens up the experience of eating at home [...]
  • Dramatic Dining Rooms, Part 1
    Making an impression is central to dramatic style, so the intimate setting of a dining room is the perfect place to express your creative flair- and to revel in the riches of color, pattern, and texture [...]
  • Island Kitchens, Part 2
    Designing a kitchen with an island in it is an incredible way to add extra surfaces, cooking areas and storage [...]
  • Island Kitchens, Part 1
    If you have enough space, a well-planned central island can become the functional heart of a kitchen, providing extra storage, work surfaces, or a venue for quick meals [...]
  • Choosing A Dining Room Suite
    Dining-room furniture often outlasts other furniture in a home - So work out your needs carefully before you buy a dining suite [...]
  • Scandinavian Kitchens, Part 2
    What to use on walls, floors, for storage and how to make it all work is important in an scandinavian kitchen design [...]
  • 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Decorating For Under $400
    Every homeowner knows that modernizing the kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to their home. But it's also one of the best ways to increase their enjoyment of the kitchen, a room that undoubtedly gets a lot of traffic on a regular basis [...]
  • Easy Decorating Ideas For the Kitchen
    The kitchen is a room that is more personal than anything. Decorating a kitchen has more to do with you as the personal decorator than anything else. When considering taking on a kitchen redecorating project [...]
  • Dream Kitchen Appliances & Cost-Efficient Alternatives
    Discover the trends in creating your dream kitchen from stainless steel to what type of stove to the quiet dishwasher [...]

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