Home Office & Study

Either working from home or just paying the bills why not have a wonderfully decorated home office. Learn how with our articles about organizing and decorating that cluttered, paper filled space!

  • 5 Breathtaking Ideas for an Inspiring Home Office
    Your home office should be equipped for many uses. They are no longer a mere luxury, they are a place to work and get things done. Whether you work from home, bring your work home or you are in need of a place to go through bills and paperwork. You want a convenient and functional space to work in.
  • The Trouble With Home Offices
    Who wouldn't want to work from home? You roll out of bed and before you have time to change out of your PJ's your already in your office, no commute, no hassle with mass transportation, no fighting the crowds or waiting in lines, you are already there [...]
  • Types Of Home Offices
    The reasons for setting up a home office are as varied as the individuals who set them up. But there are some common home office types, and what you need will likely fall into one (or more) of these categories [...]
  • Decorating Your Home Office
    Today, people set up home offices for a variety of purposes, and many find that decorating these rooms can pose unique challenges [...]
  • Home Office Basics Decorating To Suit Your Work Style
    You can take small steps when beginning your home office decorating project and when you finish, you will have a home office to be proud of. Now, let's take a look at those three aspects of decorating [...]
  • Home Is Where the Office Is?
    Working from home has so many benefits, but those of us who have tried it know the difficulties involved. How do you feel that you're at work when you're clearly at home? How do you avoid the piles of paper that inevitably build up [...]

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