Living & Family Rooms

Family rooms and living rooms are the places we become who we are as a family unit and grow with those we invite into our lives. Decorate them your way to reflect who you are.

  • How To Create The Best Home Bar For Your Living Room
    If you like having friends over, a home bar is almost a must. Regardless of the fact that you have children or not, adults like to spice up their evenings with an elegant drink. And, if you want to be the perfect host, you’ll offer them the chance to taste some amazing cocktails at your house.
  • Living Room Furniture Decoration Tips
    The contemporary living room is really trendy and glamorous, gaining tremendous appeal for current home decorators. Learn how to take initiative for the decoration of your living room in an unique way!
  • How to Personalize Your Space with Decorative Throw Pillows
    Decorative throw pillows are a great way for decorating your home and adding a touch of your personality by choosing them according to your own taste and style.
  • Interior Design For The Living Room
    Let's face it, we aren't all made of money. Being able to have the home of our dreams at the drop of a hat is very unrealistic for most of us. Also not having the skills and knowledge to decorate in the style you love can also be limiting to the point of immobility [...]
  • Important Elements In A Recreation Room
    A recreation room is a location that is set aside specifically for entertainment and play. It is a wonderful place where friends and family can come together to interact, compete, and enjoy one another company over a variety of entertaining activities [...]
  • Decorating & Furnishing Your Media Room
    Furnishing a media room or home theater with entertainment furniture that fits your interior design scheme in a variety styles from classic to contemporary [...]
  • Glamour Living Rooms, Part 2
    The second in the series to decorating your living room in the most luxurious and exciting of ways [...]
  • Glamour Living Rooms, Part 1
    Classy and chic, but never vulgar, glamour styling creates a sophisticated, comfortable living environment. To the envy of anyone with young children or boisterous pets, pale neutral and pastel shades are used exclusively on walls, floors, and upholstery [...]
  • Decorating With Room Dividers, Part 1
    From half walls to a well-placed sofa, use room dividers to make the most of the space in your home, creating manageable activity areas that still let you enjoy the benefits of open-plan living [...]
  • Decorating Ideas: How To Position Your TV & Stereo Attractively
    Almost every household has a television and sound system, from the smallest CD player with miniature speakers to large-scale televisions with stereophonic sound. Getting the best from your home-entertainment equipment depends as much on how you [...]
  • The Family Room: Decorating With Pictures
    What can you do to get the most out of your family's rich photographic history and show off your crew at the same time [...]
  • Screening: Hiding The Ugly With The Attractive
    Everyone has parts of their house that they don't like. Whether your unsightly part is a water heater, a structural element, or a large piece of athletic equipment, you can mask these aspects by [...]
  • Technology Takeover: How To Fight Back
    Every room in the house has a television, including a big screen television in the living room, plus computers in several rooms along with phones and stereo systems scattered throughout the house. There are times when I just want to throw progress out [...]

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