Decorating A Bedroom By Candlelight Let’s Create A Little Romance

There is just something about a candlelit room that stirs the sensual emotions from deep within. Maybe it’s the soft flickering light contrasted by the darkness of the rest of the room. The candle’s light seems to dance playfully across your loved one’s face and twinkle brilliantly in their eyes. Ah, yes! A candlelit room is definitely a delicacy within itself.

Creating a romantic atmosphere within your bedroom is easier than most think, especially if you use candles. Your bedroom could be a small and cramped living quarters on an Army base, but if you add candles and a little romantic music, you can turn your room into a "Den of Love". It can be achieved in as little as three easy steps.

Clean Up! Yes, clean up your room. There is nothing that kills the mood more than a few pairs of smelly old socks sprawled across the floor. If you are going to turn your bedroom into a romantic haven, you must clean it up. If you have a little time before your appointment with your honey, start by picking up all the dirty laundry and anything else that has made its way onto the floor. Believe me; you’ll be happy about that later. If there isn’t anything to distract you, you will have a better time with your honey. It is also a good idea to clean and freshen up the bed linens and vacuum if you have a carpeted bedroom. Once the room is cleaned to your satisfaction, you move on to the next step.

Creating the Mood This involves more than just lighting the candles. Creating the mood also means closing the blinds or curtains, turning up some music or even fixing a little snack to eat. Let’s talk about closing the blinds and curtains. This is imperative to creating a private and romantic environment. Your goal should be to filter out as much outside noise and light as possible. If your blinds are unsightly, try draping a bed sheet attractively over the blinds. Try to create a "flowing" look that resembles satin or silk. The bed sheet will also serve as a double filter for light and noise.

The music is another component for creating romantic. One idea is to find a collection of the instrumental versions of your honey’s favorite songs. When he hears that there are not lyrics, this will prompt him to sing the song to you. Or you can get him started by saying, "Oh, I know this song, I just can’t remember the lyrics, how does it go again?", and before you know it, he’ll be crooning to you!

Light the Candles and Relax! Yes, relax. The hard part is already done. You’ve cleaned the room, turned down the lights and started the music. All you have to do next is just relax and wait. If your honey is in the next room, you can light the candles immediately. If he’s on his way home, wait until he walks in the door before lighting the candles. You wouldn’t want to burn all your candles away before he can see and appreciate what you’ve done for him…and you. The room that once begged for romance will indeed prove to be a Den of Love after all.


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