How To Revamp & Redecorate Your Bathroom

Brightening up your bathroom needn’t be a time consuming or expensive business — with a little imagination and effort you can spruce up the most lackluster of rooms.

If the room leaves a lot to be desired, work according to short- and long-term aims. You will then have the immediate satisfaction of seeing some quick improvements – towels in fresh colors, for instance, or a new bath screen or shower curtain – while you wait for other longer term jobs to be finished, such as a new tiled border or built-in bathroom cabinet.

Practicalities Deal with anything that’s even remotely dangerous first: put a non-slip finish on the bathtub base, and provide a mat for ceramic floor tiles that get slippery when wet; install a childproof medicine cabinet if necessary; and if there’s room, install a grab rail by the bath.

Once the safety work is completed you can set to work on the irritating inefficiencies: replace the waterproof seal around the bath or basin; stop drips and dribbles by replacing washers or faucets and installing a new shower hose, and consider installing an exhaust fan if condensation is a serious problem. In a small room, rehanging a door with hinges on the other side may make better use of space.

With the room in working order, you can set about improving the style and adding color.

Walls Tiles are the most practical of finishes for bathroom walls, but what if they’re in an uninspiring design or color you no longer like? With tiles that are in poor condition, either remove them completely, or cover them with some form of paneling – wooden tongue-and-groove panels for example.

There are two ways to tackle tiles that are sound but unattractive: remove them and put up new tiles, or – much quicker and often just as satisfactory – simply tile over them. A third option, not normally recommended for an area subject to damp but worth considering as a short-term cover-up, is to cover the offending tiled surface with a tile paint. This solves the problem if you are planning a complete overhaul but have other priorities to see to first.

If the tiles are merely dull rather than an eyesore, make them more interesting by adding a tiled border to the existing tiles or, for a low cost facelift, experiment with tile transfers.

If you prefer wallpaper, choose a waterproof vinyl, which copes well with condensation and damp zones. Alternatively, paint is a quick way of freshening up walls – look for a type that’s specifically made for bathrooms.

Floors Carpet tiles are easy to lay and comfortable underfoot – choose a type suitable for the damp conditions in a bathroom. Also worth considering are well-sealed, floor-quality cork tiles and vinyl sheet flooring or tiles.

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