Important Elements In A Recreation Room

A recreation room is a location that is set aside specifically for entertainment and play. It is a wonderful place where friends and family can come together to interact, compete, and enjoy one another company over a variety of entertaining activities. Within this environment you can forge lasting memories and special moments that you will cherish always.

The specifics of a recreation room are a bit hazy, as the space can really be used for any leisure time activity that you like. However there are a few basic elements which are pretty much common, and will be necessary in any type of game room that you design.

You are going to need some comfortable, seating if you are going to build an enjoyable rec-room. However the type of seating has to be theme specific. That means that if your space is primarily being used as a gym, you don’t want a big fluffy couch taking up most of the floor space. Instead comfortable and easy to clean plastic, or stainless steal chairs would be best. If you have a bar area, you will probably want bar stools, while a video game lounge will need recliners, and a poker area will need some table height straight back chairs. The type of seating will basically follow the function of the space. If your space has multiple functions, you may want to consider portable items such as been bag couches, or folding chairs.

Tables The type of table you choose will also follow the function of the space. Large game tables such as a pool table, table tennis board, or foosball set, are very common in recreation rooms, and can often define the function of the space. However this is an enduring definition that will not change with the whims and interests of the family.

If you want to keep your options open, just a simple hardwood table allows you the space to play a whole host of board games, card games, and to engage in other recreational activities.

A folding table is even more flexible, because it allows you to open up the space when you want to play something more physical such as Simon says, or even to have an impromptu dance party.

Games The raison d’?tat of any good recreation room are the activities that take place within it; i.e. the games themselves. The types of games don’t really matter, as long as they are relevant to the interests of the family as a whole.

Board games can be stacked on shelves or kept in boxes to maintain a tidy, organized, and safe environment. If you have folding games such as table tennis, or certain foosball sets, you can clear out an unobtrusive space behind the TV or in a closet where you can store them. Video games should be kept in an entertainment center, organized with DVD’s and CD’s in drawers, or at least in wicker baskets.

Lighting Illumination is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of a recreation room. If you can’t see you can’t play, and with many rec-rooms being built in basements, a lack of light is a particular problem.

If the ceilings in this space are low, you can try using recessed lights that will illuminate without taking away head space. If you have a pool table, billiard lighting is also a classic choice.

Free standing floor and table lamps will light the room somewhat, but will also cast shadows throughout the space. While that won’t really provide adequate light from most competitive games, it can provide nice accent lighting, and a little extra illumination near a comfortable reading chair.

Flooring I leave flooring until last because it is one of the most subtle elements in the rec-room. There isn’t any particular flooring necessary for the function of the space, anything from bare concrete to plush shag rugs will work, as long as they are safe to walk on.

However flooring does have a powerful effect on the space, in that it provides the feel, the very texture of the room. Think about it, if you walk into a room with stark, cold, natural stone flooring, you are going to feel raw energy and a primal spirit rushing through you. However if that same room is equipped with soft plush rugs, it will have a warmer, and more inviting appeal.

This is because flooring is walked on, and so we are constantly touching it, even through our shoes. The effect is of course much more profound with bare feet. This affects the entire ambiance of the room, making it seem squishier and more comforting, or harder and starker.

In general a recreation room is a great way to encourage unity, community, and interaction both in your family, and with your friends. While the basic elements of such a space are common throughout, it is the purpose and function of the room that will determine their specific quality.

This article provided courtesy of PebbleArt’s line of absorbent natural stone beverage coasters and was written by artist and designer Joey Pebble.

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