Put Books On Display In Your Home

I love books! I love books so much I prefer some of my books to certain members of my family. If there were a fire, I’d save the family members over my collected editions of Shakespeare and Wilde. In all honesty, though, I wouldn’t feel happy about doing that. It’s a shame that society judges people who value a gorgeous copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray more than a blood relative.

Like any book lover, I’m proud of my books. I want people to see my books. I want them to know what I like. That’s because I’m a little bit pretentious, but whatever. If you love books as well as interior design, you should want to display them in your home.

There are tons of different ways to put your books on show. Showcasing your literary treasures has never been easier. The standard way to display your books is, of course, the bookcase. There are many different varieties of bookcase on the market. They range from standard wooden offerings to crazy offbeat designs.

Any book lover should have the guts to let their bookcase dominate a room. I’m in love with the bookcase that has an alcove inside it. Your bookcase can surround you! Awesome.

Other cute options include a mini-bookcase shaped like a dog. He can store magazines in his mouth, you know.

The speech-bubble shelf is also cool as hell. If you want something even more innovative, you should look at book display stands. They’re a great way of putting your books front-and-centre in your home. Some of them allow you to mount a book on the wall, facing outwards. That means everyone can see your special edition with its gorgeous original cover.

You can also buy a lectern stand for your books. That allows you to leave a book open on a certain page. That’s good for a dinner party. You can leave a book open on a difficult or challenging page to show off. “Yes, I am re-reading Dostoyevsky. To be honest, it’s rather simplistic for my tastes.”

Another cool way to draw attention to your books is through the clever use of jazzy bookends. They’re great if you’ve not quite got the guts to go for a crazy bookcase. Bookends come in all shapes and sizes these days. They’ll keep your shelves neat and make your books look stylish and cool. They’re sure to entice people towards your heaving bookshelves.

Organization was never as fun as this. I’m a big fan of the bookend that has the diagonal books crushing the little man. The alcoholic in me loves the wine-rack bookends, too.

Books are great things, and they should be the centre of any home. Book organization can be a fun way to unleash your creativity. Look at all the weird stuff you can get to do it!

There’s no excuse at all for a dusty old shelf in the corner. Make the most of your books. After all, they’ll always look cooler than any Kindle.

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