How to Personalize Your Space with Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are a great way for decorating your home and adding a touch of your personality by choosing them according to your own taste and style. Are you a fan of animals? Have a pet? Love playing with them, I bet! Then you are sure to find the collection of Animal Inspired Throw Pillows by Thomas Collection a worthy investment. These decorative sofa pillows are one of a kind and have unique animal patterns which will suit your personality; whether you love dogs, enjoy playing with the cat family or love the marine life, they have something for everyone.

 decorative throw pillows, decorative sofa pillows

1.     Dog Day

Are you a dog owner? Then this Dog Day themed pillow is just made for you! With different dog breeds engraved on the front cover, these pillows will reflect your love for ‘Man’s best friend’ – your pet dog who you just adore so much! The front fabric is a blend of cotton, polyester and rayon while the back is tan in color. Toss it onto a cream, brown, coffee or tan couch and share its softness with your pet!

2.     Cheetah

Are you a jungle freak? Do you love wild animals? Even if you don’t, no one can ever say no to the impressive cheetah print which will always remain in style and keep topping the charts in trending patterns. If you have a home office, feel free to decorate your sofa with this chic throw pillow which will keep your visitors (if you have any) as well as you in nice comfort. You can stretch your back on your sofa and lean against these soft pillows when you wish to relax and take some time off from work.

 decorative throw pillows, decorative sofa pillows

3.     Sidewinder Absinthe

Inspired by the rattlesnake Sidewinder and the neon color of Absinthe – a strong herbal liquor, this throw pillow will add neon highlights and spice up your sofa in no time! Snakeskin has been a popular print for a long time and has been used in sandals, belts, jackets, bags as well as pop and rock outfits, where its effect is enhanced by sequins. This pillow will go wonderfully with black and dark gray tones, as well as with navy blue. If you are an admirer of reptiles and their amazing skin textures, it is a must have for you!

 decorative throw pillows, decorative sofa pillows

4.     Shell Seekers

Who does not enjoy a quiet walk on the beach, watching the sunset and maybe collecting a few shells that wash on the shore? Starfish, snails and mollusks, these are fascinating creatures. Accentuate your sofa with these pillows and prepare to be transported to your world of sandy beaches lined with shells – you will not be disappointed.

5.     Moose on Loose

Moose are majestic creatures with huge antlers and the largest among the deer family. These pillows have proud moose strutting gracefully surrounded by the primary colors red, yellow and blue. Moose inhabit the woods and sometimes even go out for a stroll in the neighboring towns! You might have even spotted one if you have been near those places and can appreciate their size as well as their majesty.

All of the above pillows come with invisible zippers so as to provide a tailored look. To buy these amazing decorative throw pillows from Thomas Collection, visit

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