Outdoor Decorating Ideas With Garden Planters For Your Yard

Garden planters are a fantastic option for those with green thumbs who are space challenged. Garden planters can also be great for those with courtyards, and those who wish to break up their outdoor space into defined areas. Planters can also be a clever way to grow plants in your yard that otherwise might not due to soil and weather. Try these outdoor decorating ideas to improve your porch, window sills, courtyard or even your garden.

* Plastic garden planters are available in a huge variety of styles, and sizes. Although these planters look like terra cotta they have the added benefit of not allowing the water to be absorbed out of the pot the way the traditional terra cotta will. These styles of planters look great clustered together in a courtyard on a patio or balcony, and can be used to great effect for a mass planted look. They are also great for growing herb gardens. Terra cotta is a traditional earthy color that will go with just about any outdoor area.

* Wood hanging planters always look cheerful hanging from porches, overhead railings and tree branches. Hanging planters are a great way to distract from less visually appealing objects lower down and are fantastic for those who love their flowers and plants but have very little ground space. Hanging planters also come into their own for keeping some pests out of your pots on ground level. Care should be taken when attaching hanging planters that the supports are strong enough. Your planter will weigh a lot more when it is full of water. You should also take care to ensure that your planters aren’t in a position that will bang every passer by in the head.

* Ceramic planters come in a huge variety of patterns, colors, sizes and styles. These will liven up even the most tired and bare outdoor areas. For a more conservative look stick with one pattern, but in a variety of sizes. For more riotous color, have the pots in various colors to give your outdoor area a splash of dramatic color.

* Fertilizing your planters is a must if you want your potted garden to thrive and stay alive. Unlike the real garden, your potted plants are reliant on you to provide them with all their nutrition. Fruits, vegetables, flowering and fast growing plants will all require the most fertilizer. Purchase the appropriate fertilizer for your plants. You may end up with more than one kind, as some plants have specific nutritional needs.

* Potting mix is obviously the soil that your potted plants will be living in. Although the really cheap mixes are tempting it can be a matter of false economy. Often with the generic brands you will find yourself having to add more nutrition and water retention crystals than you would have to with a more expensive one where these things are already added.

* Water crystals should always be added to your potted plants. These absorb any excess water in the soil and then release it when the soil dries out. These can be invaluable for the person who likes to go away, isn’t diligent about watering, or those who may be exposed to random hot days. Potted plants do not have the resilience of the plants in the ground, and if you do not provide enough water they will die.

* Self watering pots can be invaluable for those who do not want to water their plants every day. Just fill up the water reservoir at the bottom and check every few days. These systems are also great for water conservation as the excess water is not wasted, but stored until the plant needs it. Self watering pots can become very heavy when full of water, so care should be taken if hanging these to ensure your hanging system can support the weight.

Being yard deprived does not mean you cannot surround yourself with beautiful plants and flowers. Use these simple outdoor decorating ideas with planters for a beautiful garden anywhere.

About the Author: Scott Gray is currently a garden enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing tips to consumers who are in the market for all types of garden pots and planters.

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