Modern Lines

Modern is probably the most popular style among young professionals. These working men and women don’t want to worry about dusting small grooves of more ornate designs nor do they want to mess with a bunch of knickknacks sitting everywhere. Clutter and chaos are out; straight lines and organization are in.

Modern rooms tend to have straight, plain furniture often in dark wood tones or black. The darker colors give rooms a sophisticated, classy air. Generally there are few decorative items sitting on nearby tables; instead, there are a few select pieces that are displayed prominently in a room. People who like the modern style have a tendency to spend a lot of money on a few unique, special items rather than spending the money on many smaller items. For example, while in Venice this summer, I spent a small fortune on a vase made of Venetian glass. However, I felt no guilt for this purchase, because I had spent months looking for the perfect red vase, and now it sits proudly in the center of my dining room table.

Modern rooms also tend to use stark colors. Blacks, whites, red, and greens are popular colors for modern rooms. These colors pose an interesting and classic backdrop to the special items that accessorize the room. Additionally, they emphasize the straight lines of the furniture. Another popular technique is to paint large blocks of different colors on the walls, perhaps a pattern of black and white blocks traveling diagonally from corner to corner in a room. Shelves can be placed along the blocks so that special pieces can be displayed against a black or white backdrop.

In addition, modern rooms follow the motto that the less you have, the better. You will not see blankets tossed across couches and chairs or baskets and ottomans littering the floor; rather the focus is on a few large pieces of furniture with the slight possibility of matching floor cushions and a couple of side tables for drinks.

The modern look is classic and sleek, and tastefully decorated. Young professionals tend to love the style so that they can host parties, but also because they can easily keep the area clean. However, once you have children, the modern style of your house may get lost in the mine field of toys scattered about your living room floor. Also, the modern room tends to be less cozy than other designs, so children do not feel as comfortable. The tendency is to get onto the children all the time, because your nice items are getting broken or the furniture is smudged with small handprints. So for a true modern look, your best bet is to create the design either before you have children or after you get them out of the house. You could also have one room that is off limits to younger children where you can store many of your expensive, breakable items; it could be your modern getaway.

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