Mobile Home Decorating

Mobile homes have always been an affordable alternative solution to purchasing a traditional home. Although affordable, decorating a mobile home could prove to be a challenge due to the limited space inside. Here are a few solutions to help overcome this challenge.


Painting the interior of the mobile home is a fast and easy way to make the interior look bigger. Painting with lighter colors (yellows, light blues, light green) makes the inside of the home look bigger. This is recommended because of the limited size of the mobile home. If your mobile home is older, pre-1990, then more than likely it was manufactured with wood paneling. Some models were made with milk stained panels, while a majority of others where manufactured with walnut dark brown stain. These dark panels can be painted a lighter color to help increase the apparent size of the room.


Redoing the bathroom may be an easy and quick project. In most mobile homes, the bathrooms, can be pretty cramped so designing it to be visually appealing with reduce some of the non favorable feeling roused by such a small space. When taking on this task, keep in mind of your likes and dislikes. It is recommended to paint your bathroom a brighter color to make it look bigger as well. This is a good idea considering the relative size of this room in comparison to traditional homes.


Windows need attention too. Maybe throw on a set of new curtains and specially fitted blinds. Try to go along with the brighter inside look when choosing the curtains. White tends to be a favorite, also light yellows and creams.

Making the Space Look Larger

Place a large horizontal mirror on a side wall that is unoccupied. Mirrors help make the room appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors give the room a 3 dimensional look and is highly favored by most interior decorators.


If your mobile home needs cabinet re-facing, you could either tackle this task yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, giving your cabinets a facelift can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Shop around for the styles that you prefer best and make sure the go along with your color scheme. Light oak and honey colors are nice as well as oil stained cabinets. But if you prefer not to go do the road of cabinet re-facing, a simple coat or two of white paint will do nicely to giving the cabinets a fresh new look.

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