Beautiful Ways To Live Green: Sustainable Decor For Your Home

How Silk Flowers Can Help You Live More Eco-Friendly

Preserving the environment is becoming a mainstream concern and everyone is looking for ways to live more responsibly. Yet many people worry about making huge changes to live more eco-friendly. When everyone is on the go, taking kids to soccer practice and commuting to work, cutting down on driving time seems almost impossible. Sacrificing the ease, luxury, and beauty of our lives can seem very daunting.

Automobiles aren’t the only culprit. The list of processes, practices, and products that bring our lovely planet a little closer to its demise is never ending. In fact, the list is so vast that it can be completely overwhelming and very difficult to imagine how any small action could ever make a difference. However, green living can take many forms. For almost every area of our lives, there is a green solution.

“Natural” vs. Synthetic: Many people equate “natural products” and green products in their mind. But this is not always the case. Acquiring natural products can be costly and devastating to the natural environment. For example, wood products have “natural” origins, but earth-saving trees were sacrificed in the process. In the case of your garden and your home, you might think that fresh flowers are a more eco-friendly option, but this is not necessarily the case. Silk flower arrangements and silk plants are beautiful, sustainable, and economical and afford an easy way to make your home more “green”.

Saving Water: Fresh flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and they brighten up any room. But in many cases, silk flowers are a more viable option. How can this be? For starters, fresh flowers and plants require frequent watering to stay alive. Water is a precious commodity that we often take for granted, but every step taken to conserve water is an eco-friendly move. Of course, there are fresh plant options that require very little water and maintenance. However, these are usually cactus and other plants that thrive in arid climates where water is scarce.

If you don’t like the prickly possibility, you can always furnish your home and garden with silk flowers and plants. They require no water to stay looking beautiful and you can always find your favorite flower varieties in a faux version. You can conserve water and get the garden look you prefer.

Saving the Air: When it comes to cut flowers, it’s easy and convenient to buy them at the grocery store or florist. But how did they get there? Most of the time, cut flowers are grown in developing countries far, far away from where you are. They’re cut, loaded on a plane, and shipped across the globe to florists everywhere. To preserve the look and beauty of the flowers, freight planes must be packed carefully and lightly, making it difficult to maximize shipments. Not to mention, fresh flowers usually only last about two weeks, creating the need for constant and frequent shipments.

Emissions from freight and commercial airplanes wreak havoc on the environment. Even if you take care to live eco-friendly, just a few airplane trips a year can undo all your hard work. Silk flowers and silk plants are permanent. They never die, meaning shipments from manufacturers can be more efficient and less frequent. Silk flowers can be packed more economically and retain their beauty and shape.

The Pesticide Problem: Pesticides are also a major environmental concern and in countries where cut flowers are often grown, pesticides are used heavily to maximize growth and preserve beauty and freshness. Fresh flowers are susceptible to insects and disease and in order to maximize business and crops, devastating chemicals must be used. Not to mention, preserving and protecting fresh plants in your own back yard can require the use of dangerous chemicals.

These chemicals aren’t just dangerous for the environment. Exposing your family to pesticides on any level can create serious health concerns. There are organic gardening methods, but they can be expensive and require some research and understanding. Using silk flowers to decorate your home and garden eliminates the need for pesticide use in your home and your contribution to pesticide use abroad. Silk flowers stay beautiful and “fresh” forever with almost no maintenance. You can protect the environment and the health of your family.

However you choose to approach your contribution to the environment, the only way to fail is to do nothing. Silk flowers provide a beautiful yet sustainable way to decorate your home and garden. Yet they are just one “however simple” way to live a more eco-friendly life. Any green choice you and your family makes is one step closer to changing the way we live.

Don’t underestimate your ability to help save the planet. If everyone on earth, even everyone in the United States, made a small adjustment to their lifestyle, as small as choosing silk flowers over live ones, it would make a significant difference. It’s your planet and even you can change it.

About the Author Leigh LaCava, publisher of,

loves the long lasting beauty of silk flowers and plants and has many arrangements throughout her home. Leigh lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Jeff and their 13-year-old daughter, Ava.

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