The Laundry Room: How To Turn The Dreaded Duty Into A Joyful Chore

If you are like most women, doing laundry is a not a fun task to perform. Why is that anyway? For one thing, it isn’t fun and exciting. It’s nothing like cooking or baking, where you get to experiment and do new things. Another reason why doing laundry isn’t fun is because the room in which we do our laundry tends to be bland and boring. If you are like most, your laundry room has a washer and a dryer and maybe an ironing board in the corner. And most laundry rooms tend to be painted white or cream and that’s it! No splash of colors at all. Well we are going to change that! We have a couple of ideas for you regarding decorating your laundry room to make it fun and exciting. With our help, you are going to make your laundry room a place to go to RELAX! And not to only relax, but to ENJOY.

Creating Exciting Laundry Rooms on a Budget If you have a bland, boring laundry room, here is a great idea to help even you create excitement within your room. For the sake of example, let’s just say that you dream of being on a nice sunny tropical beach. And you want this so bad, that you often dream of it when you are folding up your clothes.

First, measure the size of the wall that is behind your washer and dryer unit. Do it again to be sure! Next after a correct measurement has been taken, go to your local Wal-mart or any other department store that sells HUGE horizontal posters. Hop in the car and get going! When at the department store, seek out the entertainment and/or book section where they sell the huge posters. Cycle through the selections and find a picture of a nice sunny beach. Pick the one that instantly makes your mind drift into it. When you find that one, toss it into your buggy and head over to the furniture and home decor area.

Find a few plastic plants that are common on the beach, maybe a few 5 gallon plastic palm trees. Also try to find a nice plastic beach or patio chair. Whatever reminds you of the beach, and is within your budget, toss it into your buggy and head on to the checkout.

When you get home, start cleaning out your laundry room. Move non-essentials into another room and make sure everything is cleared out. Take out your poster and center it behind the washer and dryer before adhering it to the wall. When you are satisfied that the poster is straight, tape or glue it to the wall. If there is some space between the washer and dryer units and the walls beside them, place the 5 gallon plastic palm trees beside the washer on one side and the dryer on the other. Now you have this picturesque beach scene surrounded by palm trees. Can you see where we are headed?

Good, now take the rest of your beach accessories and place them to your liking around your laundry room. The goal is to make this room exciting and relaxing at the same time. When you walk into this room, it will be as if you are walking into another world. You will enjoy your laundry room so much more if you can feel at peace while waiting on your clothes to cycle through the wash. The tedious task of folding your clothes will go by so much faster when your mind has escaped into the sunny tropical beach front. And before you know it, you will be finished with the task that you once dreaded.


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