Interior Decorating Services: Take Control Of Your Home Or It Will Take Control Of You

Learn How You Can Effortlessly Decorate the Home of your Dreams!

It’s amazing and sometimes outrageous the extremes we will take to decorate our homes. If you want to decorate the home of your dreams without worry of making mistakes and wasting time or money, keep reading!

We all dream about the “perfect” home. To some it may be a home on 2.5 acres that other’s will ooh and ahh over, to another it may be a comfortable townhouse where friends come to “hang out,” to other’s its a place that all the neighborhood kids congregate and to still other’s its an apartment of high style.

Regardless of what your home is now or what your definition of “perfect” is, there are ways you can take control to make your home EXACTLY what YOU want it to be!

You can:

  • Eliminate the embarrassment & humiliation of a home that is unattractive and uncomfortable
  • Gain tons of self confidence because you have created a home you consider “perfect”
  • Save money for that dream vacation or the kid’s college fund by making purchases wisely
  • Possess the power to take control over decorating your home
  • Boast proudly in something you created
  • Enjoy that dream vacation with all the extra time you will save
  • Ooze joy and happiness because your home is all you hoped and dreamed it could be
  • Take control of your home instead of allowing it to take control of you

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rhonda Morin and I am the owner and creator of this web site, I have been an interior designer for 25 plus years. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Interior Design. My career quickly began designing offices, restaurants, and upscale homes in the Washington, DC area. I had an interesting stint as a display person in an interior design showroom that later worked itself into room arrangements in people’s homes. I got to move furniture around and arrange accessories. Later I began working on model homes, one of which was featured in an area newspaper.

Interior design is a passion in my life and with the invention of the Internet, I wanted to share my expertise and experience with those who maybe couldn’t afford an interior designer or were afraid to hire one. Because of the internet, I was asked to give design advice for a writer from The New York Times, who later published a very nice article about my decorating advice and I was asked to write the forward to a little book called, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Decorating Basics.

Working with an interior designer can be scary for some but it doesn’t have to be. Interior Designers have insights and training that will help you create your “perfect” home. Many people have a natural talent for decorating and it does take that talent and passion for interiors to make a good designer, but with years of training and experience, the professionals have tips, tricks and ideas to get your end result faster and with less cost and frustration. When you take action and decide to work with, you will:

  • Have time to do all the things you’ve been putting off because you won’t be worrying about decorating your house anymore! Everything is laid out for you, no more endless hours spent trying figure out where to put the sofa and chairs or what type of artwork would work best in the family room.
  • Have more money! Well, maybe not if you are extravagant in your tastes or don’t manage your money well. But you will certainly SAVE money by not purchasing things that are wrong for your home based on a whim or lack of direction.
  • Not be frustrated any longer because you just don’t know what to do to make your home all you want it to be! The plan is laid out right in front of you. All you have to do is stick the pieces where they belong.
  • Have the power to purchase items when and where you want! For those of you who like to shop, you can still shop and bargain hunt, you will just be guided and directed to purchase the correct things. No more running back and forth to the store because you bought the wrong piece.
  • Have the confidence in your home to entertain at the drop of a hat! Your home has been designed by a professional interior designer exactly the way you it should be for you and your family and the way you live. That designer is “your interior decorator” and has your best interests in mind.
  • Have confidence in YOURSELF because you have the power to make decisions and take action to create the home of your dreams! You will know where to begin, what to do first and how to make the room come together.
  • Have the ability to be the biggest snob on the block! Yes, you read that right. A professionally trained interior designer designed your home. You had the foresight and sound judgment to hire a professional. Why not be a snob about that? Kudos for you!
  • Have a home you can be proud of!

What makes this different than working with a decorator in my home?
When a person hires an interior designer, the first appointment is usually spent discussing likes and dislikes of various things as well as your wants and needs. Typically a designer charges any where from $50-$250 for this initial appointment and their hourly rate EACH TIME THEY WORK WITH YOU. Some designers work on a commission basis. They do not make money for the time they spend at your home working with you. They make money from the things they sell you and thus, wish to sell you lots of things. has removed that hourly fee and initial appointment and only charges a flat rate per room per type of service. If you don’t wish to purchase “things” from us, that is fine, we want to provide you a service so you can begin working on your room and save you money so you can purchase the things you want.

When you begin working with you will receive an email that tells you how to measure your room and a questionnaire that will ask questions about your likes and dislikes for patterns, colors, and styles. Measuring the room should take about 15 minutes and filling out the questionnaire should take another 15 minutes or so.

Once you send back your measured floor plan and your completely filled out questionnaire, your personal interior designer will place you in a scheduled time slot to complete your project. Once your project is complete, your interior decorator will send you an email that has a link to your rooms solutions. It will have a floor plan, step by step directions about what to do in your room and links to items you can purchase now. Having access to your design solutions via a website, helps get you started faster.

Do you see what makes this so different and such a great solution for you?

  • First, by having you fill out a questionnaire stating your needs, wants, likes and dislikes you save yourself between $50-250 right from the get go.
  • Second, the questionnaire can be filled out based on your needs and when you have a quiet moment. I can not tell you the times I have been in a client’s home and our only opportunity to talk was when the kids were napping. You can fill out the questionnaire or read over your solutions after all the kids have gone to bed and you have some quiet time. Or maybe you are a morning person and that is when you will have time. Regardless, you don’t need to make time to meet with a designer, its based on your time schedule.
  • Third, it’s easy, painless and risk free (read our guarantee below). You get an email, you return the email and then you get your solutions on a website somewhat instantly.
  • Fourth, it’s comprehensive. On other web sites, and even on this one to some degree, you can get free advice. But it’s about one part of your room or one window treatment or what color to paint the walls but it does not help you determine where to put every piece of furniture, artwork or accessory item IN YOUR ROOM!
  • Fifth, it’s world wide, really. The company is currently based in Virginia but we have worked with people in Los Angeles, Florida, Alaska, New York, Michigan, to name a few places. We don’t need to be in your back yard to work with you.
  • Sixth, no sales pressure. This business and web site is not based on commissions. If you don’t want to buy furniture, artwork, window treatments, or wallpaper from us, don’t. We are not going to pressure you to buy “things.”
  • And seventh, by using, you will possess the power to decorate the home of your dreams without wasting time, money or needless frustration.

So, you scream, “how much Rhonda?” There are three different plans from which to choose. They range in price from a basic floor plan, Floor Plans 4 U, to a full blown room presentation describing for you the types of fabrics, window treatments, furniture, artwork, etc. you should use. All the service price’s are based on the amount of information included in each package and the time it takes to work with your individual room.

Each service includes the following:

  • Personalized service: The plan and suggestions you receive are based on you. Your life, your home, your wants and needs and your lifestyle.
  • A professional interior designer working on your home.
  • The ability to purchase things at your own pace wherever you would like.
  • Ease and flexibility. You can do all of this in your pajamas at 3:00 in the morning if you want. Go shopping naked…. I know there are some of you out there who like that sort of thing (not that there is anything at all wrong with that!)
  • Risk free. If you aren’t satisfied, we will give your money back.
  • Professional, personal service. Its your home, your stuff, and the way you want it all done by professionals who have spent years crafting their gifts.

Use What You’ve Got Floor Plans 4 U
Instead of shoving the furniture around without knowing where to place it, this service does it for you on paper. That way, you only need to move it once, where it belongs and you avoid all the backaches!

You receive:

  • a floor plan using your existing furniture to help you get started where you are (some rooms may have two or three different ways to arrange furniture and if that is needed, you could possibly get different plans.)
  • Written description with detailed reasoning for the arrangements and ideas to give old furniture new life.

Once all the information is received and you are scheduled a time, this service will usually take an hour or two to complete. The Use What You’ve Got Floor Plan 4 U is only $45 per room.


Floor Plans 4 U
This plans is a bit bigger than the one above in that it will help you with the furniture you have as well as furniture you need to purchase. This service is perfect for the person who is going out to shop for furniture and doesn’t have any idea what to look for or the person starting from scratch and really doesn’t have any idea where to begin. So, instead of shoving the furniture around without knowing where to place it, this service does it for you on paper. That way, you only need to move it once, where it belongs and you avoid all the backaches!

You receive:

  • a floor plan using your existing furniture with possible suggestions of new furnishings or suggestions for all the new furniture you may need (some rooms may only more than one way for furniture to placed and those rooms may result in more than one plan.)
  • Explanation and reasoning for the furniture arrangements so you understand why each piece of furniture is used where it is.
  • Written descriptions & links for new pieces of furniture to purchase or how to give new life to your existing furniture.

Once all the information is received and you are scheduled a time, this service will usually takes two to four hours to complete. A Floor Plan 4 U is only $125 per room.




Shopper’s Buddy
The Shopper’s Buddy is the perfect supplement to your shopping outings because it keeps you focused and directs you what to purchase. Once you get home, the written suggestions tell you where to place those items.

You receive:

  • A floor plan using existing furniture to remain in the room and suggestions for placement of new furnishings.
  • written suggestions & links for new pieces of furniture, window treatments, wall coverings, wall colors, artwork, accessories, and other things you may need for your home.
  • Step by step instructions about where to place artwork, accessories, area rugs, etc.
  • An EBook Copy of The Decorating Bible We will send you an email with a link to download the eBook The Decorating Bible. This is a resource that will help you understand the suggestions you are receiving as well as how to arrange accessories, artwork, etc. This is a value of $19.95 and invaluable information.

Once all the information is received and you are scheduled a time, this service will usually take four to six hours to complete. The Shopper’s Buddy will make all your shopping experiences worthwhile and productive. And its only $450 per room!



So you are saying, “yeah, but what if I buy a service and its not right or I am not happy?” The first thing we will do is try to redesign the room for you so it best meets your expectations. If that doesn’t work, and you still aren’t happy then we will give you your money back.

Whoa, did I say that? Yes! We will give you your money back, that is how strongly I believe in these services. Now, there is a little work required on you part, the refund is conditional. First, you must have answered the questionnaire truthfully and to the best of your ability. If you hate plaids and you don’t state it, your interior decorator may suggest a plaid sofa. Uh-oh, trouble! So first, answer the questions to the best of your ability and as thoroughly as possible. Secondly, you must arrange the furniture as it is on the floor plan and take photographs of the room. This just tells your interior decorator if the proportion and focal point is correct. Thirdly, you must write to us why the solution does not work, so we know where you are coming from. And lastly, you must do all of this within 30 days of receiving your plans.

Simple: answer the questionnaire correctly, arrange the furniture and take photographs, and tell your interior decorator why it won’t work within 30 days, and you get your money back. Its painless and risk free.

(Click on the link at the end of this paragraph for a brief snippet of what you might see in a typical packet. This project was one I worked on a very long time ago and was the full Shopper’s Buddy plan. Click here to get an idea.)

We will also upgrade the plans for you. Say you purchased a Floor Plans 4 U service for your family room. You arranged the furniture and loved it. That service does not go into detail about what kind of artwork and accessories to purchase and where to place them or what colors to paint your walls and what type of window treatments to use. But you need that now. For an additional fee, your interior decorator will send all that information in our Shoppers Buddy Service.

Ordering is a snap. We accept Visa and MasterCard online or checks by mail. All personal and credit card information is secure and not used for any purpose other than the service you requested.

If you would like to pay by mail, you can either send the check (with your email address) to:
391 Media Farm Lane
Ranson, WV 25438

Once your payment is received, an email will be sent to you with all the information you need to get started within 24 business hours. We are open Monday through Friday and there is a human on the other side of the computer who verifies everything and customizes an email to you.

I joke and I kid around a lot but the one thing I take seriously is interior design. It has been a consuming lust of mine for so many years that I can not breathe without it. I believe with all of my heart that our surroundings help to shape us as people. We behave very differently in a highly traditional room verses one with bright colors and bean bag chairs. We develop values and beliefs, due in part, to the environments in which we live. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to have a home that shares a part of yourself with the people you choose to invite into your life? I hope so and I pray you allow to be a part of your life as well. We want to be “your interior decorator.”

Thank you so much for visiting the web site and taking the time to read this letter, I know I can be windy sometimes. I am looking forward to visiting your home.


Rhonda Morin

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