An Undersea Adventure How To Bring The Wonders Of The Sea To Your Home

Do you have a child who is fascinated with underwater life? If so, you’re one of the millions of Americans whose child yearns to be in the water. Statistics show that over half of America’s population lives more than 100 miles from a large body of water. This is very frustrating for a child who enjoys the ocean. If you are within that group of people who live too far from the ocean the really enjoy it, there is hope!

In what room does your child spend the most time? Well besides the obvious bedroom, the room that comes in second is the bathroom. Since he or she spends so much time in there, why not fix it up and make it a fun environment to be in? Here is an idea of a decorating project that is easy and fun to do. You can even get your kid involved in it too! Let’s talk about a brilliant way to decorate the kid’s bathroom.

Planning First before doing anything, you must plan out what and how you want to do it. I suggest going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and grabbing a decorating idea book. Narrow down your choices to two maybe three options and then consult with your child to see which one he or she likes the best. After all, it is their bathroom that will be decorated. After a final choice is made, pack up the kids and go to a craft store. When at the craft store search for little items that you often find at the beach. For example: Sea shells, starfish, sponges, sand etc. Once you have gathered your supply of sea and beach items, make your way over to a paint store.

Colors The main colors you need are Baby (or any soft and light) blue, some sea green and some sandy, beige colors. For the bathroom, a regular flat latex paint will work just fine for the job. Next, go over to the wallpaper section and find a suitable border to go around the top of your bathroom ceiling. And next, let your child help you pick out some stencils for you to stencil artworks across the walls. Once you have that, you’re done shopping!

Prepping the Room Now for the actual decorating, it is important, as with all home projects, to take precautionary measures to avoid injury to yourself and the ones helping you. Proper eyewear is needed to help keep the paint out of your eyes. Once you have taken care to protect you and your child from eye injuries, you can get started! First, take down all previous borders, shower curtains and all bathroom accessories. Basically, make sure that everything is out of the bathroom. Once you have all of the knick knacks cleaned out, now it’s time to clean the walls. This is very important if you wish for your new paint to adhere to the wall. When adherence is mentioned, it simply means how smooth and flawless the paint is applied.

Your child may gripe about cleaning the walls; most kids do depending on their age. Rests assure, a thorough cleaning takes no longer than twenty minutes.

Painting Next, you can begin painting! Oh, what fun! This is the best part. Putting two coats on paint on the walls is standard, but you may put as many as four on. Be careful not to put more than four because "peeling" can occur if too much is coated on. Think about what nail polish does. Too many coats results in the polish peeling off. The last thing you would want is to come in one day and find your child peeling the paint off of the walls! With that being said, use moderately.

The Border After the paint has dried, next comes applying the ocean themed wallpaper border. Adhesive border makes quick application easy. The wallpaper border will help accent the soft blue walls. Application of the border should be fairly easy and it will take little time. Take the green and sand colored paints and paint ocean themed items on the walls with your child. There are two advantages to including your child in this project. 1. Your child’s creativity it tickled and he or she feels as though their decisions are important. And 2. Mom and child will bond and grow ever closer.

Adding Accessories Top off the new decor with a few ocean themed bath accessories and you have yourself a undersea adventure in your child’s bathroom. They will love going in the bathroom and spending time there. If the room is big enough, put in a small chair and a basket for a few favorite books. Your child will love this new room! Especially if he or she has had a part in its creation. That is just one of many ideas for decorating a child’s bathroom.


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