How To Decorate & Be Different: Avoiding The Cookie-Cutter

Some of us are obsessed with the color coordinating decorations we find in retail stores. I’m the first to admit that the decorations are really cute, and it’s really easy to put together a room that way. But, there’s something about that mix-and-match style that makes a place feel homey. Everyone wants to be unique and creating a cookie-cutter room just doesn’t have that effect.

Cookie-cutter rooms are generally most obvious when every color in the room matches exactly. Matching colors isn’t about making sure the shade perfect, it’s about using coordinating colors in various shades. Using a deep purple lamp and pale lavender flowers in the bedroom will give your room an added depth. The only problem comes when shades of the same color that don’t quite go together are placed next to one another; sometimes the contrast makes you more ill at ease than comfortable.

Furniture selections can also cause a room to seem too perfect, making it match too well. Should all your wooden pieces have the same stain? Can you use black in a room with oak cabinets? These are common questions without easy answers. It really comes down to your own personal preferences. However, if the wood pieces are spaced properly, you can use several pieces with different stains; just don’t place them directly next to each other, because they may clash. Also, you can use wood with different types of finishes. For example, a blue table with four white chairs, or vice versa, can create a cheery atmosphere for a breakfast nook or deck. As far as black goes, every room should have a touch of black; it helps bring out the other colors in the room.

Fabric manufacturers often create matching sets of fabrics. Many of these have subtle variations in color and texture that bring out new, interesting aspects of your room. These variations allow your personality to shine through in your room. You can also find fabrics that match from other manufacturers; talk to the sales people to get their suggestions if you’re unsure about the colors.

If you aren’t satisfied with what retail stores have to offer, visit the local antique stores and flea markets to find unique pieces to match your room. You can also make some things on your own. Make your curtains, create your own picture frames, buy furniture and paint or stain it. Whatever you do, have fun and create a room that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

When you’re decorating your room keep your likes and dislikes in mind. Be creative and make some of your decorations yourself. Use fabrics to make your own curtains or duvet; you may not be a brand name, but your room will fit your personality. Despite how much we try to fit in, all of us want to be a little bit different. Let yourself shine through your rooms!

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