Home Is Where the Office Is?

Working from home has so many benefits, but those of us who have tried it know the difficulties involved. How do you feel that you’re at work when you’re clearly at home? How do you avoid the piles of paper that inevitably build up in any home office much less one you do all your business from? Whether you work from home or you simply keep another office at home, I’m here to give you a little good advice: organize, organize, organize. The key to great decoration is to be able to see the decorations!

Begin with Color Just in case the organization concept makes you nervous, let’s talk about something a little easier first: colors. What colors should you use in your office? Well, that actually depends a lot on you, your personality and your needs. Reds and yellows make a comfortable, upbeat climate, while blacks and pastels create a sophisticated, classy air. Your choice should be based on what makes you feel comfortable and what is appropriate for your clientele, if clients come to your home office. Use paint on your walls to create the atmosphere and build on that with coordinating accessories.

Get it Organized & Put It Away Now, on to the hard part. To have a great office, you must have a great system. The items you need the most should stay close to you; if you have to get up every five minutes to check the fax machine, your time is not being used efficiently. Additionally, if you have items like the fax machine that you don’t use often, try to put them in a closet out of sight. Keep your work area as beautiful as possible while still being functional. Be sure to invest in some large filing cabinets; between tax information from five years back and work files and the children’s school files, you will run out of room sooner than you could imagine. Personally I have created my own desk using two wide filing cabinets and an old door. I put the old door on top of the cabinets, placed a piece of glass on top, and I now have a unique, attractive, and functional workspace.

When it comes to smaller items such as pens and paper clips, you have a variety of storage options. You can use small clear jars, bins, or boxes. Additionally, you might choose a few wicker baskets to place into the spaces in your desk or a small bookcase. Any of these options allow you flexibility as well as organization for your desk. A cluttered desk will distract you from the work at hand. Generally, you can take five minutes in the afternoon and straighten everything in preparation for the next morning. Ongoing organizational systems will allow you to have a beautiful and comfortable home office.

Decorations When you decorate your office, make your plans based on your needs. Buy a comfortable chair and put the things you need the most the closest to your desk. The addition of a few plant will help cheer you up on those dreary rainy days. Finally, be sure to have great lighting in your office. You want to stay awake while you are working and good light creates an atmosphere of activity and motivation.

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