Home Electricity Conservation: Go Green & Save!

Are your electricity bills climbing monthly? Are you looking for ways to save money in your home budget? Here are a few simple tips to decrease your electrical usage at home. This will allow you to put extra money in your pocket while conserving energy.

Change your light bulbs. Standard 75-watt light bulbs are manufactured to last 1000 to 2000 hours. Furthermore, during this time they consume 75,000 to 150,000 watts of electrical energy. In contrast, compact fluorescent twist bulbs last up to 8,000 hours and use only 23 watts of energy. If you do the math, and factor in the cost of the bulbs, this translates into a savings of $74 per bulb over the lifetime of the bulb. Multiply this savings by the number of bulbs in use on an average evening in your home. You can save this much money every four years!

Consider replacing older electric freezers with newer, energy-efficient ones. For example, older chest freezers use, on average, 50 kilowatts of electricity more each month than newer freezers do. A newer freezer may cost $150 to $200. If you calculate the cost of the additional energy, however, (12 cents per kilowatt-hour times 50 hours), you spend up to $12 more per month to cool an older freezer. In one year, you have almost completely recovered the cost of the freezer.

If you use your computer frequently throughout the day, don’t turn it off. Computers actually use more energy by powering on and booting than by remaining on throughout the day. A better alternative is to adjust the settings for screensaver and sleep mode. Allowing your computer to go into sleep mode or standby after five minutes of non-use is much more cost effective than turning off your entire system. Additionally, if you use the printer, fax, or scanner only rarely, put them in standby when they are not in use.

During the winter, consider setting your thermostat at 65 degrees and purchase a ceramic heater. These energy saving devices require minimal wattage to operate. In fact, you probably won’t notice even a slight increase in your electrical bill. Your heating bill, however, will decrease by several dollars each month.

The most effective way to save electricity, however, is to determine what appliances or devices in your home are using the most electricity. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a small meter or to borrow one from a friend. These meters are very simple to use. Just place the meter against the cord of the appliance being tested. The meter will display a readout of the watts being consumed by that device. If a piece of equipment is using excessive energy or creating a surge, the meter will indicate this. You can then have the equipment repaired or replaced to decrease your energy usage.

Don’t waste dollars by using outdated equipment. Repair or replace damaged power cords. Following these simple steps allows you to save money and energy. Enjoy the savings while you protect the environment!

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