Give Your Home a Makeover with Interior Decorating Hacks

InStyle Direct Image1 From upholstering your furniture with old curtains to wallpapering a window shade, these fast and easy interior decorating ideas would end up making a big difference.

Exhibit a Great Collection on the Dining Table

How about dramatically displaying a collection of Chinese porcelains on your dining room table? Of course the pieces won t have to match; they have to play together well to proffer you with an exciting dining room.

An Interior Curtain

Hang a linen curtain that runs spanning the room! Pull one and hide the messy kitchen. Let the elegance cover the clutter. However, this is one home makeover idea that goes with what style your kitchen is of. Consult the interior designer!

Harmonize the Bedding

Ensemble several paisley patterns and faded batik prints in your bedroom, and give your room a feel of old textiles purchased from a journey at sea.

Modernize the Bathroom

What do you think of placing an antique in the bathroom? Not only would it make the bath appear authentic, but also feel clean and modern.

Paint them White

Okay! So do you have an inexpensive piece of furniture at home? Paint that white! It would make the home seem light, bright, and airy. Since painting the base high-gloss white would lend wave of a fresh new look to the house. InStyle Direct Image2

Wallpapering the Window Shades

How many of you think that you really cannot do anything with the leftover wallpaper? Well, just the way you have those vinyl shades for the windows or doors, the wallpaper would serve the same purpose. Not only does it look classy and unique, but you get to use the leftovers too!

Adorn the Hallways the Turkish Runners

The rugs and the art, the vintage carpets and the Turkish side tables can transform a plain hallway into a decorated space. Don t you think a faded rug immediately gives a Bohemian feel? Also, the window seat covered with Tibet woven silk has the ability to make you sit there for a while.

Place Seating Away From the Walls

Placing furniture away from the walls lends more space to the room. Also, ensure that furniture is of lighter shade. The light colors and clear accent makes the smaller space look open and airy.

At times, what lies outside the room influences the arrangement of the room. Additionally, if you push back the seats against the side walls of the room, it would spread across the area. Pulling the sofas around the fireplace would proffer you with an apt sized conversation area.

What about the area by the window? That we think should be perfect for reading the paper on lazy Sunday mornings. Every home has a story that is narrated by the setting and decor of the rooms. Some cover the easy chair with that old dining room curtain, made of a fabric they no longer make. Some prefer keeping it ethnic.

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