Give Your Home A More Exotic Touch With Moroccan Decor

Moroccan furniture and decor are in vogue these days, thanks to the blend of the oriental touch and modernity that they bring to the decor around. An oriental touch in decor always lends its surroundings an exotic appeal, full of romance and intrigue. Modernity in furniture and decor makes these designs sleek and space-saving. Moroccan decor is a confluence of cultural influences from Arabia, the Mediterranean and many of the other dynasties that ruled over Morocco in the past. You get all this to your home, when you invest in Moroccan furnishings.

Moroccan style products are generally handmade by highly skilled artisans, using techniques and materials that have been in use by generations of local artisans. The know-how for this art is passed from generation to generation by only word of mouth. This renders each piece of Moroccan decor or furniture unique – absolutely one of its kind. It’s no wonder then that homemakers and interior designers have become huge fans of Moroccan interior decor. Moroccan lamps, lanterns, sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights are in demand the world over due to the finesse in their artistry and versatile functionality. The intricate art work provides a fine visual effect using light and shadows, casting flecks of light on everything around and giving it an ethereal look. Moroccan lighting can be used to complement whichever theme you have chosen for your rooms or gardens. They will be sure to infuse your home with a warm and exotic feel.

Moroccan furnishings are not limited to just lighting effects. A Moroccan pouf will add that bit of extra comfort and Moroccan feel to your rooms. Coupled with a Moroccan table, the setup can be used as a fashionable tea table setting. The Moroccan poufs are usually hand-dyed and hand-stitched and are made of high quality leather. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes that suit your room decor and the mood you would like to set. Moroccan tables are ornate pieces of art with delicate, elaborate detailing. Whether it is a side-table, or a tea table, Moroccan tables will reflect your amazingly refined aesthetic senses. Moroccan interior decor makes good use of mirrors to provide colorful reflections and subtle light refractions coupled with the play of lights from the intricately carved lanterns. These mirrors include embellishments made of mother-of-pearl, metal or jewels, intricate iron or woodwork and frames that extensively use the onion dome shape. Whether your preference is for urban Moroccan decor or rural Moroccan decor, you will have a home that is aesthetically appealing and extremely functional furniture and decor. The urban Moroccan decor uses ceramics, leather, metal and wood while the rural decor Moroccan includes fabrics and embroideries with an emphasis on the use of rugs which highlights a Middle Eastern influence. There is a wide variety of cushion covers, mirror frames, jewelry boxes, and wall hangings which will give your home that classy touch which is so popular in home-oriented magazines.

So, take your pick from the dazzling Moroccan lighting fixtures, tables, poufs, or other home decor items to turn your home into an Oriental retreat that you would love to flaunt and your guests would love to haunt. For more information on Moroccan products and pricing, log on to

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