Fun & Playful Decorating For A Game Room

The game room is a room of excitement and fun. With the new technology age, the traditional family game room is suffering a loss. If you are a traditional type of person and you want to get your family out from in front of the TV and back into the game room, how do you go about doing this? How do you decorate this room so that is fun enough for the whole family? Here are a few ideas to help you in your choices.

Bright Colors! Bright colors represent fun and excitement. No one wants to play in a room that is dark or plain white. Considering the fact that this room is supposed to be fun, think of yellows, light greens, light oranges. Brighter colors will raise the excitement levels in the room. Although light orange is mentioned, painting the entire wall orange could be overwhelming. Use the orange as an accent color instead. Light yellow is favored to produce that sunny bright look.

Wallpaper Border Find a border that is suitable for your room. If you want this room to be fun and represent excitement, think of parties, celebrations and smiley faces. Wallpaper border will give the walls a livelier look and feel. Remember to place unisex border that will appeal to both sexes.

Designate “Centers” Section off the room so that the family can move from one section to another in the game room. Designate one section to board games, another section to video games, next for creative games, and so on. Have each section setup with your child’s likes and dislikes in mind. Preferably if you have two or more children, find a common interest and build from that.

These centers will provide your children with an opportunity to play what they want when they want. Make sure each center is designed particularly for one child. Example, center A has Timmy’s favorite video games, while Center B has Jennie’s favorite board games. Adding music also helps create a fun atmosphere for your family room. Place a stereo on a shelf and play happy and fun lyric less music. Lyric less music will encourage the children to sing-a-long with it. Another option is to get a set of kid’s sing-a-longs that have children singing to their favorite kid’s songs. The aim is to bring your family together into this room and allow them to have fun. Designing it for fun will accomplish this.

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