Furniture Times Have Changed! Using Progressive Furniture For Your Good

Improvements, changes and new technologies in furniture design have made amazing strides in the past twenty years. Some of the items listed in this little article may not seem like super fancy furniture advancements and they may not cost a fortune but these little conveniences have made life so much easier than before!!! So, strap on your reading glasses and enjoy the reading ride as we learn about some little furniture technologies that have changed or are changing our lives a little at a time.

We’re going to begin with a subtle, but charming creation of the past few years: the storage ottoman. Now, I know the little storage ottoman does not seem like visionary furniture, but for those of us with the need to organize, there is nothing more exciting than a good storage ottoman. Some of the storage ottomans also have lids that will turn over to reveal a cup holder and room for a plate. IMPRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY, if you ask me! Now if you are trying to get your life organized and avoid using television trays, the storage ottoman will be your newest best friend.

Speaking of television trays, groan!, someone finally got smart. For years, we have complained that television trays do not pull up to couches easily. Generally the tray gets bumped, and can of soda (or a glass of wine) and spaghetti goes flying all over your beautiful carpet. Now, there is a television tray whose legs are plastic or metal and they slide easily beneath the edge of the couch. No more extra spills from toppling television trays. For your children and wine & cheese eating friends, watching television will never be the same.

We also have massaging chairs now. Have you ever come home from work wishing that you would finally be surprised by a masseuse standing in your doorway? I know, everyday right? Well, it may not be a masseuse, but massaging chairs can offer a relaxing end to a long day. If you can’t afford an entire chair that massages, there are also chair pads that can fit into any chair so that you can enjoy your massage.

Finally, my favorite furniture item is the slipcover. So, it’s not exactly furniture, but can you imagine life without a slipcover? Your two-year-old daughter is trying to climb onto the couch with a doll in one hand and a sippy cup full of grape juice in the other. As you walk in from the kitchen, you know just what is about to happen, and then she slips. The grape juice lands all over you brand new white couch, and in that moment, it is ruined.

But wait, that couch isn’t new, just the slipcover is, and you are so smart that you bought the stain-resistant one. As you watch, the liquid becomes little drops, you take a napkin, and you quickly wipe up the mess, and no sign of the incident is left. Even if your slipcover hadn’t been stain resistant, you still could have removed it and washed it immediately– no harm done. Child’s life continues, your life continues and the sofa’s life continues!

Thank you for “reading” along as I shared my favorite technologies in furniture. I am sure you have your own favorites, and without these small blessings, our lives would not be the same! Now I am off to enjoy my massaging slipcovered sofa!

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