Dramatic Dining Rooms, Part 1

Making that awe-inspiring weak at the knees impression to your guests is vital to a dramatic interior decorating style. Because of how we entertain these days, the dining room is the perfect place to make this statement and it’s intimate setting helps to express your personal design style and to share your delicious tastes in the riches of color, pattern, and textures.

A dramatic decorating style offers you a strong canvas to start, whether your tastes are smooth and contemporary or steeped in the beauty and historic design. A rich and luxurious theme is necessary in any dramatic dining room bestowing a sense of celebration and making any meal served in the space an unforgettable, an almost theatrical experience. The success of the decorating style depends on creativity instead of a big budget– producing a great visual impact is exactly what matters. Capitalize on the qualities of the room, such as its natural light, height, or size. Even an especially little dining room can take advantage of this decorating style due to the fact that you can highlight its relaxing, intimate atmosphere. Highlight any key elements: elegant drapes in luxurious velours, silks, or brocades; crystal glass and streamlined, gleaming tableware; huge, ornate mirrors and candlesticks; and the most crucial component of all, strong, vibrant color combinations.

Conceptualizing the “Look”

Using color on the walls to establish a specific mood is a perfect way to begin. If the mood is to be airy and romantic, pale tones, with gilding or shiny metal accents, will assist to create the correctly atmosphere. For a classical twist, you could go with graphic black and white.

If the state of mind is more exotic, or has a delicious, period feel, saturate the room with extreme, warming color; reds, radiant earthy colors, synthetic stone, and rich, dark shades, all have the result of “drawing in” the walls.

Deep purples, midnight blues, and vibrant malachite greens have this confining, haven-like feeling, too, but these rich colors likewise communicate a discreet mood with an air of mystery and a hint of magic.

For the floor coverings (area rugs, tile, hardwoods), take the lead from your unique theme;  stone pieces or faux finished floors and black and white tiles suggest numerous design styles, from ancient or heraldic to classical and ethnic, and can also look extremely contemporary. Pile carpeting, polished parquet, or custom designed floor designs have a sophisticated, glamorous aspect to them.

Lighting, like color, enhances the mood? A dramatic design style relies heavily on uniqueness and ecclectic touches, so select lighting that work for the style. Torchier’s, sconces, picture lights, table lights, in addition to an impressive and dramatic light positioned centrally over the table, enable you to create subtle changes with a big bang! A dimmer switch ultimately gives you control however. Candles are an important prop, and are a must for an intimate and dramatic environment.

Dramatic Inteiror Decorating Style Tips

WALLS Rich/sumptuous: lively contrasting color paint impacts; color washes and glazes, stippling, faux finish; stone, marble, verdigris; murals, trompe l’oeil, vibrant colors, gilding/metallics; ornate moldings.

Wall coverings: vibrant, flamboyant/exotic pattern; classical motifs.

WINDOWS Flamboyant curtains: lined, full-length, variations of significant timeless designs; pelmets, swags, and jabots; elaborately draped metal or gilded wooden poles; lavish tiebacks, sumptuous cord ties.

Blinds: sleek and architectural with slatted Venetians; or theatrical/exotic festoon styles.

MATERIALS & FABRICS Gorgeous/exotic: highly colored and textured silks; satins; moires; high-end velour; velvet; brocades; shimmery metallics; faux fur materials; vibrant graphic prints; shiny plastic/PVC; leather; significant pattern prints, stripes, checks.

FLOORING Luxurious/bold: wall-to-wall pile carpet; animal prints; exotic/theme patterned rugs or carpeting; customized patterns/faux stone/ marble; parquet; graphic black and white tiles.

Rugs: elegant contemporary/exotic patterns; natural/cream plains.

FURNITURE Impressive/modern/period: theatrical flourish; glass and metal/black lacquer for contemporary looks; rich fruit woods, mahogany, oak, painted/distressed wood, painted furniture for a period appearance in an armoire, table, buffet, serving table/sideboard; metal grille-front radiator covers/bookcases.

Table and chairs: modern pale wood/glass and metal or heavy designs, extra table leaf, trestle designs; pedestal tables; wrought metal/sleek wood chairs; flamboyant slipcovers; rich texture/color upholstered duration chairs.

LIGHTING Bold/atmospheric: sets the mood; extravagant contemporary chandeliers; contemporary pendant shades/halogen lights; wrought iron candle lights, decorative and eccentric table lamps; dimmer switches; candles/accent lighting.

DECOR Impressive/eclectic: glamorous, structured contemporary or heavy standard flatware; metallic/bold color under plates; streamlined modern, ornate/metallic rim conventional dinner place servings; heavy goblets; metallic/luxurious tablecloth/mats/napkins; sophisticated floral/fruit screens; striking mirrors/picture frames; ornamental screens.

And there you have it, a neat pattern to follow for your dramatic dinner parties and luxurious wine tastings to awe and inspire all your guests with your impeccable dramatic decorating style!

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