Doing Something Different For Your Home Decor

Most US homes decorate their homes and living rooms in particular with items from one of the retail chains like Pottery Barn, Linens n Things, and Bed Bath & Beyond etc. in addition to the usual stuff from Wal-Mart, Target etc. The result is that a typical American home has a decor look and feel that does not stand out because everybody is buying products from the same stores with the same look. Most of these products are made in factories in China with machines and bear a cookie cutter feel. They are made from machines; embroidered, pattern whatever; but when used in your home don’t make the decoration stand out from that of any other typical US home.

There are artisans in certain developing countries especially some South Asian countries like India and Pakistan that craft beautiful products with their hands. They follow their centuries old ancient traditions and family business of making handcrafted products from the ground up. The products take days to be made from design phase to the finished product and usually involve work from a number of skilled artisans who work in tandem with each other. The result is a beautiful handcrafted product, such as a floor cushion cover or a throw pillow cover, which is high quality and when used to decorate your house especially your living room can make your home decor stand out and initiate appreciative and sometimes envious queries from people who visit your home.

There are a few retailers who sell these products in US mostly over the Internet. One of them is a new web retailer, which is based in Chicago, and which resells a number of such handcrafted products and promises every day low prices and good customer service. The name of this retailer is

The products that they sell include handcrafted furniture throws, throw pillow covers, floor cushion covers, duvet comforter covers, wall tapestries etc. Even though these handcrafted products may be a little bit more expensive than let us say a machine made similar product from Target; but they are elegant and beautiful and worth the extra price if you want to do decorate your home in a special manner.

by Simi Jauhari

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