Developing A Haven In Your Home

When you open the front door to your house and step outside, you step into a world of dangers and strangers, uncertainties, and things you simply can’t control. It’s a big scary world out there, and for the most part, you have no influence over what goes on at all.

When you step back through that front door at the end of the day, you are finally returning to a place that is your own. This is your home, you can choose to move this here, and that there, you know that is over there because you put it there yourself. You have a sense of control, a sense of safety, because it is your own.

That is why it is so important to have peace, and balance within ones home. The world is a chaotic and difficult place; the home should serve as a haven, a place to rest from the worries of the day and find inner enlightenment.

Unfortunately sometimes your home is not your own. If you have kids, or even room mates, often the home is a place of compromise, where things are constantly moved and jostled, and nothing is quite where you want it. It is community, which is wonderful in its own way, but it’s not your own, it isn’t a haven.

But everyone needs a haven, a place where they can be free to be their true selves. For some people the haven is the bedroom, a place where they can just let their defenses down. If you have extra rooms, your haven might be a hobby room. Many people will go down into a basement, even an unfinished basement, and create a tiny little haven for themselves, just so that they have a place where they can be alone.

A haven does not necessarily have to be isolated. Yours could be a corner of the living room where you have your favorite arm chair set up just so. Some people have a desk, where they have their computer set up along with small inspirational statues and signs.

The most important thing from a decorative point of view is that the space is personalized. It should contain items and affects which are special and meaningful to you in some way. The colors should reflect your moods, and should evoke serenity in your subconscious. The whole space should be catered to your slightest whims, and set aside, protected and untouched by anyone else in the house.

Everyone needs a place that truly belongs to them, where they choose what things look like, how they feel, what colors, and textures, and accents are added or taken away. They need a place where they can be comfortable and safe, a place all their own that nobody can touch. It is possible to carve such a niche, even out of the tiniest of rooms. Even if all you have is a corner, at least it is a place that is your own.

This article written by Joey Pebble, an artist and designer with 5 years experience in the crafting of home decor using natural stone, including his unique line of natural stone chess sets, wall clocks, and other decorative items.

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