Designing A Contemporary Bedroom That Lasts The Test Of Time

If you’re going to sink a lot of money into an interior design project, then the best way to approach it is to make changes based on their longevity. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on it, then you need to ensure that changes will last the seasons without looking tired, boring or unfashionable. This is especially important for the bedroom – after all, it’s your sanctuary, as well as a place that you’ll spend more time in than anywhere else.

Perhaps the best look for a bedroom is a contemporary one. While the description itself suggests that it is on the forefront of design, truth is that it’s a style that will look good for ten or 20 years without any major changes. All you may need is the occasional bit of paint, some new bedding or just a couple of new pictures for the walls to shake things up enough.

So, without further ado, here are the things you ought to prioritize in a contemporary-look bedroom. You may find yourself spending less than you plan to!

Keep it simple. By keeping this golden rule in mind, you won’t over complicate a design, nor will you overspend; for example, you may just end up simply painting the wall behind a headboard in matte black, adding a few black cushions and leaving everything else white.

Go for earthy tones. Luckily, this is easily achieved with the use of wood – a major component in a classic contemporary bedroom (see below, regarding your bed). However, this is also reflected in other things: laminate flooring, suede trims and bed linen can all embrace ochre to give your room added visual warmth and comfort.

Get a simple wooden bed. Aside from being remarkably cheap for the quality, wooden beds are sturdy and flexible. While metal beds have been known to warp over time – and destroy mattresses, if they have the typical rib structure as a bedstead – wooden beds are more solid and cheaper. On top of this, they can be re-stained, sanded down and painted, making them perfect for a room design that may subtly change over the years. Create multi-functionality wherever possible. Whether your bedroom is large or small, consider getting furniture – or combining several pieces – to develop other facets that enhance its usability. For example, work with the bottom of the bed to create a sitting area, or incorporate a casual desk arrangement to develop a quiet study space.

Keep lines simple. Whether you’re playing it safe with simple tones and basic blacks and whites, or you’re going for an all-out attack of color with neon or luminous pinks and blues, you need to keep lines simple. That means no fancy curves, fewer details and lots of plain blocks of color.

Keep profiles low. If you want to be truly contemporary, then ensure that most furniture maintains a low profile. That means short, plinth-style beds, furniture that does not exceed waist height, and nice clean walls. Stick with simple art as a means of decorating the walls and, of course, keep colors nice and clean – white, or subtle variations of this. Consider bare floorboards, or at least look into laminates and hardwood flooring.While hardwood flooring is expensive, it also lasts – and adds a lot of value to a home. It’s obviously very contemporary, too, despite having its popularity rooted in interior design trends for centuries. Of course, you may just want to strip the carpet from your bedroom; after all, there are plenty of hardwood floorboards underneath!

For more ideas, consider checking this resource. It won’t let you down!

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