Decorating Your Game Room

Games rooms are very popular in many homes because they create a space where family and friends can relax. Usually, the living room is considered very formal and people are afraid they might spill something on the furniture. As a result, gatherings in living rooms are usually fairly staid. Games rooms, on the other hand, encourage people to let their hair down and have fun. A games room should be decorated in such a way that it is easy for friends and family to enjoy themselves. The furniture and carpeting should be impervious to spills and heavy use. The color scheme should tend towards darker colors as these can hide stains and spills more easily.

1. An entertainment center can be the focal point of a games room. This usually comprises of a large-screen television set and gaming consoles. The entertainment center can be open or have doors that completely hide the equipment when not in use. Many people now have their flat screen TVs mounted on the wall. This saves space and makes it easy for everyone to view the action on the screen. The entertainment unit should have space for speakers and a music player. This way, it is easy to provide musical entertainment when a party is being held in the room.

2. The furniture in the games room is ideally made of faux leather so that it can be easily cleaned. Real leather is expensive and may get scuffed after a certain amount of use. Fabric is too easy to stain when food or drink accidentally fall. A faux leather sofa is sturdy and affordable. The styles nowadays are hard to distinguish from real leather and they add a warm touch to any games room. Darker brown or black leather is the ideal color for this space.

3. The room should be either carpeted in a dark stain-proof carpet or left bare. A games room should never have linoleum on the floor because this makes it look very institutional and is not very appealing to the eye. Wood or imitation wood flooring is a good idea for the room. Carpets should never be light in color and should be designed for heavy use. This will ensure that the carpeting lasts for many years. One-tone, darker colors may be more appealing, although it is possible to get carpeting with patterns.

4. The walls should be painted a soothing color and it is best to stick with solid colors. Wallpaper should be sedate and not too `busy`. The furniture and carpeting, as well as the wallpaper, should coordinate in such a way that the atmosphere is soothing and not jarring to the eyes. Warm tones are a good choice for the walls to make the room appear cozy.

5. If there are windows in the room, they should have curtains that match the general color of the room. It is also a good idea to provide a pull-down shade or blinds in case the sun is shining at the wrong angle. When there are games in progress, it is good to have a clear vision of the gaming action. To keep up with modern trends, there is a choice of pool dining tables, perfect for house parties with friends and neighbors.

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