Washer & Dryer As Decoration?

If you hate laundry as much as I do, then you have to be thinking, “There is no way I would EVER consider my washer and dryer to be part of my decorations!” I thought the same thing, but after visiting the stores and examining some of the new options for washers and dryers, I have been impressed by their attractiveness.

The most common options for washers and dryers are no doubt the new Kenmore washers and dryers in a pumpkin color, a blue, and champagne. With the accompanying pedestals, the washers and dryers are easy to reach and the color can fit with the decor of your room. The only drawback is that, especially with the blue and pumpkin, you may decide to redecorate and then they might not fit so well; however, the champagne is fairly versatile. The Whirlpool Duet set and the LG washer/dryer combination are very attractive as well. Front loaders tend to be more interesting and attractive than their top-loading counterparts. Just as a side note, many of these come with child safety locks so that your children cannot get into them or put the dog in them or any of those nightmares.

So, let’s say you’re interested in the concept of washers and dryers as decorations, the question remains, “How do I fit them into my room?” Some of you don’t have this problem, because they are already part of a room; but for others, this is a concern. Coordinating decor is essential to this change. You cannot put in a really nice blue washer and dryer set into a red, black, and white decor; it just won’t work. However, a room with blue, white, and yellow furniture and decorations makes the beautiful blue set look right at home. The LG washer/dryer combo has the added advantage that it uses a drying system that does not have to be hooked up to a vent, so the combo is easier to place anywhere in your home. Both this machine and the Whirlpool Duet are white and gray, matching most decorations.

The only real requirement for a machine when you are using it as decoration is that it be quiet. Of course you want it to be attractive, but if it isn’t quiet, you may run everyone out of that room. Many machines are quieter now, and some are so quiet that they are not much more noticeable than a refrigerator. You’ll also have to be careful to get all the change out of the pockets; the clattering could quickly put an end to the party. Washers and dryers are now a viable option to include in your decor, and for people without laundry rooms, this convenience is extremely important. Consider your options and needs, choose a color or style, and begin decorating your house with “functional art.”

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