This Decorating Organizer Is Your Decorating Assistant!

Being and staying organized in any decorating project is vital. Each room in your home could have hundreds of details you need to coordinate and keep track of. If you aren’t organized, you will never know what goes where and what you still need to purchase.

Suppose it’s a beautiful sunny Saturday and you decide to go “antiquing” to just look for some cool things for the house. You aren’t looking for anything in particular, you are just looking. While in the quaintest town you find a few interior design shops you have never been into before.

So you go in to a couple, just to look. Inside the first one you find a great plaid fabric that is just what you want for the master bedroom. You get a sample and toss it in the shopping bag you are carrying. At the next shop you find several different fabrics you really like for different rooms and you get samples of them and put them in the same shopping bag you are carrying.

When you get home, you put the fabric samples in a basket on your home office desk to look at later because it’s time for dinner, gotta get the kids to bed and get things pulled together for the family, who are coming over tomorrow. As the weeks go by you visit a few different interior design shops, fabric shops, and antique stores and you find some great fabrics. You get samples of everything you love and they all go in the basket on the home office desk.

One day you decide it’s time to start getting serious about decorating the house. You go to your basket and start sorting fabrics. You find the perfect fabrics for the family room, kitchen and entry hallway but where on earth did you find them? How much did they cost? How many yards will you need and how do you order?

Without being organized you will have to retrace your steps to find the place you found those fabrics or spend time searching for another fabric. (It really happens this way and it has happened to me too! This was of course before I realized I had to be organized.) The Ultimate Decorating Organizer is the tool to help you get and stay organized. It will:

  • Record your room measurements
  • Layout your floor plan
  • Provides room to keep fabric, wallpaper & paint chips
  • An area to keep receipts, brochures and other important information
  • A place to store info from shops where you find decorating gems
  • Track your budget and project costs

Room by Room Storage Project pockets give you room to arrange and keep a floor plan of your room. It also keeps track of:

  • window, wall, and room measurements
  • samples of fabric, wallpaper, trim, tile, floor covering, etc.
  • paint chips
  • photos
  • ideas
  • contact information
  • budget information
  • and much, much more!

The thing I love most about The Ultimate Decorating Organizer is that it comes with it’s own beautiful bag to store your keys, cell phone, tape measure, all your samples and floor plans, and anything else you want to toss in there. It has enough room to allow you to take all your decorating projects with you so you can see how the fabric in the family room will look with the paint in the kitchen and if those prints are really going to match the wallpaper in the dining room.

Here is a list of the features with each Ultimate Decorating Organizer.

  • Durable file holder with room to store and carry magazines, tile samples
  • Magnetic shapes for arranging floor plans
  • Large storage, see-through pockets for storing photos, samples, sketches, receipts, product info., etc.
  • 1 Reusable Magnetic grid for laying out your floor plans & arranging your floor plan

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