Decorating For Your New Arrival

This has to be one of the most exciting projects for new parents to start. Some parents start right away as soon as they receive the news. While others choose to wait. Regardless, the anticipation that surrounds the arrival of the new baby is high and the excitement grows everyday.

Decorating your new baby’s room takes some planning. Your baby as well as yourself will be spending countless (and sleepless) hours in this room. So choosing a theme that is both inviting and calm is very important. Although color is in the forefront of all new parents minds, color is not really that important for newborns. Newborns cannot see color right away, it is only until their eyes develop and adjust that they can see and distinguish colors.

Warm Colors Promote Tranquility It is true that warm colors promote calmness and tranquility. Warm greens, soft blues, cream yellows are all nice colors to paint the room. If you are not sure which colors are warm and which colors are cool, check your local home improvement store for paint palettes that show complementary color combinations and ideas for painting a new room.

A favorite color combination to paint a room when the sex of the baby is unknown is a warm green (light green), white, and light grey (ceiling). Warm green is a neutral and pleasant color that will please both you and baby. After your baby is born, you will be spending lots of time in this room so paint it a color that you will enjoy too!

Stencil the Ceiling As the baby will get older, he will begin to "spot" objects and shapes. Help his brain develop quicker by stenciling the ceiling with black and white geometrical shapes. If you are far along in your pregnancy it is recommended that you leave this stenciling work to your husband or family member. Painting or stenciling the shapes above the baby’s crib will help his mind to develop faster by encouraging his curious mind to "wonder" what those shapes mean.

Easy On the Linens Most new parents feel the need to run out and buy the cutest matching comforter sets for the crib. This is not necessary. Most babies are sufficed with just a small blanket over their lower half while they sleep through the night. Using a heavy baby comforter or even a heavy blanket is not recommended. It can be dangerous if the baby is left unattended with a medium-heavy blanket on them. So stick to the light blankets for warmth through the night.

Decorating is a big step when it comes to the baby’s room. It signified the confirmation of a new member of the family, of a new beginning for your life. Make it count. Make the room memorable and one that is fit for your heir.


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