The Teen Queen Bedroom Decorating For Your Teen Girl

This may be one of the hardest tasks to perform. The teens style and likes and dislikes changes frequently. One month she could like the hottest boy pop band and the next she hates them. Decorating a teen’s room to the point that she is happy with it is difficult indeed. But here are a few ideas to help you along in the task.

First, remember that your daughter is a part of you. She will have some of the same tendencies that you once had as a tender teenage girl. So stop for a minute and think back to when you where a teen. Think of some of the things that you liked and disliked. It may surprise you that she may very well like some of the same things as you.

Second, make a list of the items and ideas that you know she loves. For example, your daughter has always loved going to the beach because she enjoys the beach scene and all the animals that are associated with the beach. And you know she will never object to a creatively decorated room with a theme that she loves. So now, you have your basis for beginning your project.

Comforter Sets Keep these to solid colors. Sometimes young women can switch from one style to another. So get a comforter set that is in her favorite color and let that be the focal point of the room. Everything else should flow around the bedding. The reason for this is a majority of teen girls spend numerous hours sitting on or laying in bed. Make this (the bed) be the piece that the room revolves around.

Walls and Curtains Make sure you paint the walls with light and happy colors. Taking into mind the teenage girl’s emotional makeup, painting the room with light cheerful colors promotes good emotional health. As opposed to darker colors which can depress. Hang curtains or blinds that accent the main focal piece of the room. Whatever color you chose for the comforter and bedding set, accent it with the curtains and/or blinds.

Accessories No room is complete without bedroom accessories. These include book cases, TV stands, electronics, etc. Leave this part up to her. She should feel as though she had some say in the designing of the room. The hard part is over. The key to decorating a room that your teen girl will love lies in understanding who she is and acting on that knowledge.

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