Creating A Space Theme For Your Teen

If you have a teen who is fascinated with the planets and stars, how do you create a room that appeals to his love of the heavens? Creating a room that appeals to your teens can be accomplished with as little as a gallon of paint, a few stencils and a few packs of glow in the dark stars. Let’s see how. First in order to achieve that brilliant space theme you should find a reliable source for space themed room decorations. I suggest The Space Store. The Space Store is an online merchant store that specializes in selling space items for the bedroom and bathroom. Of course there are several other online merchants to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your supplier, now make a plan of how you will decorate his room. Having a basic list of items that you will need is a great start. Comforter Set-Having a space and planet themed comforter set will make your teen feel as though he is sleeping in space every night. Matching curtains is encouraged though if you cannot find matching curtains, then simple black or silver curtains will do fine. Paint-Depending on the size of your teen’s room, you could probably get by on one or two gallons of black paint. Yes! Black paint. It is a very bold color but if properly accented with silver or grey it will create a stunning backdrop for this new intergalactic room. You will also need smaller containers of silver paint. The silver is for the trim and the stars. You may also opt to purchase several smaller paints to paint details in the planets (ex. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars) Planetary Stencils-These are for stenciling the walls. Once the walls are painted in black and silver, carefully stencil the cylindrical shapes of the planets on the walls. It is a good idea to purchase an astronomy magazine and find a picture of our galaxy (The Milky Way Galaxy) and paint it in the center of one of the walls and another mural of planets on the other. After you are done with the wall painting and picture painting, tape or glue the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and all over the room. No exact pattern is necessary unless you are familiar with star maps and constellations. Then you can map out the solar system on your teen’s walls. The object is apparent. To achieve the space theme that will leave your teen awe-struck. With a little advanced preparation, creativity, imagination, and hard work, you can achieve this decorating goal. ———————- Rhonda Morin, owner of and author of The Decorating Bible, enjoys writing and teaching others how to decorate their homes their way online. ———————- Copyright (R) Rhonda Morin, Article may not be reprinted without permission and may not be reprinted without author byline including the active links.

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