Decorating by Style

What is your decorating style? It is such a broad question because perhaps you don’t know. Maybe you think it’s traditional when really its more an Asian inspired style you like. You might like the down-home feel of the lodge look but like adding a bit of country cottage to your rooms. Decorating styles can be as straight forward and every element you add to the room is exactly that particular style but what if you mix a little country cottage and ultra contemporary? What is that style and how do you find you yours? The articles in our decorating styles section below will help you determine your style and help you decorate your home exactly the way you want.

  • Living Room Furniture Decoration Tips
    The contemporary living room is really trendy and glamorous, gaining tremendous appeal for current home decorators. Learn how to take initiative for the decoration of your living room in an unique way!
  • 5 Tips to Give Your Home Vintage Vibes When You’re on a Budget
    Vintage décor can add a touch of classic elegance to your home and make it look warm and comforting. That being said, giving your home a makeover doesn't have to take a toll on your budget. I
  • Recreating The Classic Casino Look In Your Home
    Decorating Style: Classic Casino Inspiration Casinos have always been known for their extravagance and sophistication, but this doesn't mean that you can't recreate their looks in your own living spaces. Color, carpet and furniture set up the style.
  • Designing A Contemporary Bedroom That Lasts The Test Of Time
    If you're going to sink a lot of money into an interior design project, then the best way to approach it is to make changes based on their longevity. If you're going to spend a lot of money on it, then you need to ensure that changes will last the seasons without looking tired, boring or unfashionable [...]
  • Give Your Home A More Exotic Touch With Moroccan Decor
    Moroccan furniture and decor are in vogue these days, thanks to the blend of the oriental touch and modernity that they bring to the decor around. An oriental touch in decor always lends its surroundings an exotic appeal, full of romance and intrigue [...]
  • Creating A Modern Designer Kitchen
    Making your kitchen attractive, contemporary and beautiful may seem like a tough thing to do ? especially on a smaller budget ? but in reality, it?s not that hard at all. In fact, there are just a few little tips that are worth remembering when you invest in what you need [...]
  • Create Your Own Home With Summer Decoration Style
    Bring summer indoors in full force - without losing the comfortable and cozy furnishings you desire in the cooler months [...]
  • Fast & Easy Summer Decorating Ideas For Any Budget!
    Summer decorating should add freshness to your home, not bog you down with more projects during an already busy season [...]
  • Background Decor: The Art Of Creating Walls Which Personify Your Style
    Walls are the largest surface area in a room. Like a giant canvas, they give you the creative freedom to fashion whatever kind of space you want. You can make your walls subdued [...]
  • A Modern Bedroom That Looks & Feels Good
    Is your modern bedroom an inviting oasis of relaxation? Or does it look more like a storage unit, a veritable wasteland of clutter, dirty clothes, dirty dishes and kid's toys [...]
  • Get Artistic With Tuscan Style
    Tuscany is a place that ancient Romans escaped from the city to embrace the intoxicating hillsides and nature. Make your own relaxing place like Tuscany [...]
  • Dramatic Dining Rooms, Part 2
    Furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting and everything you need to make the most dramatic of dining rooms [...]
  • Scandinavian Kitchens, Part 1
    With its streamlined country elegance, the Scandinavian style is an ideal solution for the heart of the home. Natural finishes and understated decorations combine to create a sense of warmth and hospitality for a family kitchen [...]
  • Dramatic Dining Rooms, Part 1
    Making an impression is central to dramatic style, so the intimate setting of a dining room is the perfect place to express your creative flair- and to revel in the riches of color, pattern, and texture [...]
  • Beach House Bathrooms, Part 2
    Second part of the series about how to add furniture, color, accessories and art for a beach house styled bathroom [...]
  • Scandinavian Kitchens, Part 2
    What to use on walls, floors, for storage and how to make it all work is important in an scandinavian kitchen design [...]
  • Country Bedrooms, Part 1
    With its emphasis on hand-crafted natural materials, informality, and simplicity, the country bedroom is stylishly restful and refreshing [...]
  • Creating A Beach House Bathroom Decorating Theme
    Bring a breath of fresh air to town bathrooms with a breezy beach-house theme, or create a soothing mood inspired by the natural colors and textures of the seashore [...]
  • Decorate That Country Style Room Within Your Budget
    27% of Americans chose country style for their homes, learn why and how [...]
  • An Oriental Makeover: Turning the Master Bedroom into an Oriental Oasis
    Have you ever just stood around your bedroom and wished that your room looked like it was from the orient but never knew where to start [...]
  • Modern Lines
    Modern is probably the most popular style among young professionals. These working men and women don't want to worry about dusting small grooves of more ornate designs nor do they want to mess with a bunch of knickknacks sitting everywhere [...]
  • Interior Decorating Style: I Want What I Want When I Want It, But What Do I REALLY Want?
    If you are like most people, you know what you want and what you don't want. And that's great! Sometimes, however, we are unable to communicate what it is we want in a way that others are able to understand [...]

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