Decorating Small Spaces

  • Six Secret Decor Tricks to Transform Small Places into Big Spaces
    Tiny homes are all the rage right now but how do you fit everything you need to fit into that small space? Learn how to do it with your decorating style!
  • 4 Brilliant Decorating Ideas for Your Tiny Apartment
    Just because your apartment is tiny doesn’t mean you must sacrifice any of your highly coveted space, which is something that’s crucial to everyone these days. Believe it or not, you probably have a lot more space than you think or, with a few simple modifications, at least the ability to make it appear that way.
  • Interior Design Advice For Your Home Or Apartment
    If you're ready to change your space but unsure about a starting spot, this article will help. You need to plan and consult with design pros, especially if you're on a budget. Read this article to find some great tips on interior design [...]
  • Turning Your Attic Into A Usable Space
    Have you ever wondered whether or not your attic could be used for storage? If so, you may want to take a look at this article [...]
  • Town-House Halls, Part 2
    What to use on the walls, floors, for storage, artwork and accessories in town house hallways can be challenging, learn all the tips [...]
  • Town-House Halls, Part 1
    A beautiful home deserves a grand entrance that lives up to the promise inside. The refinement of the town-house style provides just such an elegant introduction to gracious living [...]
  • Apartment Halls, Part 2
    The second part in this series to find space in your hallways and make them a part of your home [...]
  • Apartment Halls, Part 1
    Sophisticated simplicity sums up the look in apartment-style halls. Space may be at a premium, or the hall double as a living area, so features are both decorative and practical [...]
  • Apartment Bedrooms, Part 2
    The second in the series on apartment bedrooms. What to do on walls, ceilings, floors, adding accessories and artwork [...]
  • Apartment Bedrooms, Part 1
    Light, airy, and modern, the apartment style features streamlined furnishings, well-planned storage and bold, bright accent colors - it's a look guaranteed to make the most of small bedrooms [...]
  • Apartment Bathrooms, Part 2
    The second part in our series about aparatment bathrooms, adding furniture, lighting and accessories [...]
  • Utilizing Unutilized House Space: Decorating Under The Stairs
    Create a compact home office, telephone alcove, or airy, orderly storeroom under the stairs and relieve pressure on other areas of your home at the same time [...]
  • How To Decorate An Apartment On A Budget
    Deciding to rent an apartment may be a bit challenging especially if the person is on a tight budget. This isn't only about the rent but it's about decorative changes too [...]
  • Tight Fit: How To Decorate A Small Space
    Few endeavors are more difficult than trying to tastefully decorate a living space smaller than some walk-in closets. Perhaps you've spent months trying to figure out how you can fit everything, there is hope [...]
  • Mobile Home Decorating
    Mobile homes have always been an affordable alternative solution to purchasing a traditional home. Although affordable, decorating a mobile home could prove to be a challenge due to the limited space inside [...]

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