Decorating with Art & Wall Decor

  • Artwork On A Budget
    The furniture has been purchased and artfully arranged. The new rugs have been put in place. There is fresh paint on every wall, and you spent days selecting the perfect colors. Your room looks great, but [...]
  • Background Decor: The Art Of Creating Walls Which Personify Your Style
    Walls are the largest surface area in a room. Like a giant canvas, they give you the creative freedom to fashion whatever kind of space you want. You can make your walls subdued [...]
  • Using Wall Tapestry To Add Beauty To A Room
    Wall Tapestry's are a fabulous way to make a room look great or even dress up an ugly wall. Learn more about how to use wall tapestry's and where to get them [...]
  • Unique Home Decor Ideas: Add A Wall Fountain To Your Home & Watch The Jaws Drop!
    Indoor water wall features can be added to any room to make it more exciting and even the air you breath more moist, providing a one-two punch with great looks and health benefits you?ll notice [...]
  • New Interior Design Ideas: Laser-Engraved Art
    Most homeowners decorate around an artistic theme-a set of images and color palette. They painstakingly search, often with an interior decorator, for tiles, hardwoods, marble, fabrics, and other materials consistent with their theme [...]
  • Embellish Your Walls
    By leaving walls bare, you are seriously neglecting a huge part of your decorating space; the room may feel bland and unconnected. If you cover your walls with too many paintings or pictures, you could leave the room feeling cluttered and cramped [...]
  • Indoor Fountains Make Easy Home Improvement Project
    There is one home improvement project though that comes with no stress and drastically beautifies any room in any home, an indoor water fountain [...]
  • Ten Tips For Accessorizing Your Home
    Personalize, repeat, relate, cover, position, vary, create, place, display, and coordinate [...]
  • Budgeting Money For Wall Decor
    People always want good value for the money. Not only when buying things from the grocery story or buying a car, but also when purchasing items to use when decorating your home [...]
  • The Family Room: Decorating With Pictures
    What can you do to get the most out of your family's rich photographic history and show off your crew at the same time [...]
  • Wall Decor: Decorating Your Walls With Unique Art, Frames and Treasures
    Paintings, picture frames and wall decor are great additions to walls, but there are other options as well. If you're just a little handy and can use a hammer in just a small bit of time, you can make unique wall decorations that will be the envy of your friends neighbors and a joy in your home.

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