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Everyone needs a little help once in a while, even professional interior designers don’t know it all. I am sometimes too close to a personal project and find that I really need talk things out with someone to either get their take or consider other options.’s interior decorating advice is all about you and your burning decorating questions. You might know the direction you need to go but you could be stuck or maybe you just need some starting help. Most of the questions I get are things like: what color should I paint on this wall and then the walls that touch it because nothing is really square? I would like to wallpaper but I don’t know what style to use and should I use it on all my walls? I need help with furniture arrangement and traffic flow through my family room. What style window treatments and what type of fabric should I use in my dining room?

Personalized Decorating Advice

Each interior decorating advice question is $15.

Once you have placed your order for interior decorating advice you will receive an email with 10 or so questions to help me understand what your question is and give me a bit of background information so I can answer your question best. As soon as you return your answered questionnaire I will review the information and get back to you if I have questions or need clarification.

At this point I will schedule a time to work on your decorating advice, usually within 24 business hours. After I have come up with a solution to your question I will email you back with links, photos, or anything I might need to explain what I am recommending to you.

Often times one question really has 4 parts and they each need to be answered in order to get to the big burning question you have. Most of the time these are all included in the one question but other times there will be additional costs for all of the questions because they are extensive. I understand you not made of money, no one is, and I will work with you to determine what will be the best fee so you are getting all you need and I am not skimping on your services. If you want to know how much decorating advice might cost you, please use the form below and I would be happy to get back to you on this.

To get started with interior decorating advice, please use the button below and be on the look out for the first in a series of email from me! To read some free advice already given, please click here! Perhaps the answer you are looking for is available here!

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To read some free advice already given, please click here! Perhaps the answer you are looking for is available here!

This website is dedicated to helping you get information that you need. For free resources please visit our design articles, secondly, you can look at advice that has previously been given to visitors by viewing our design advice answers, and lastly you can gain insight from The Decorating Bible, a comprehensive step by step look at decorating your home.

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