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When this part of my business was started, it was set up to offer free private decorating advice service. As you can imagine I got overwhelmed very quickly by all of the requests, so I took it to this open format. Unfortunately not every request was added and answered and I eventually had to go to paid private decorating advice services.

These questions were from home owners that were having issues similar to other people and really needed help. I feel by offering up these questions and answers for you that you might get your questions answered to. And if you are looking to purchase interior design services or advice these might give you a good example of how I talk with people and the kind of design advice I offer.

I have organized these into categories for this format because I find it’s easier to find what you might be looking for. I hope you enjoy these and should you need any personalized assistance please do not hesitate to let me know, you can use the form below.

To read questions and answers please click on the links below.

Decorating with Accessories

Colors in Decorating

Interior Design Basics


Paint & Faux Finish


Window Treatments

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