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Dear Rhonda:

I was wondering what most people have on their bedroom dressers? Mine seem to have a lot of clutter on them and I was curious as to what I could do about it?

People vary so much in their tastes. You may have on person who loves contemporary design so all they may have is one artistic piece or a contemporary looking vase of flowers. Another person may love traditional design and have ever square inch covered in frames and books. Yet another person may like an eclectic mix of things and may have plants, books, brik-a-brak and artwork.

You need to look at what you use your dresser for. Do you use it to dress, as a dressing table? If so, then you need to keep things on there that will assist you in becoming yourself for the day. You can disguise these things by placing them in baskets or bins. If you don’t use your dresser for such things, then look at your design tastes. Do you want it clear of clutter? Then keep it clear of clutter. Find baskets or bins, again, for the magazines, for the keys, change, and odds and ends that collect on it. Place a lamp, a pot of flowers and some frames of family members.

I have always felt fresh flowers are important to the well being of life. Why not find a good florist from which you can purchase fresh flowers for your dresser every couple weeks or so. Sometimes if you make a commitment to purchase them over the course of the year, you can get a discount. The other thing to do is purchase flowers from an on line florist. Hope that helps you.


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