Decorating A Girl’s Room With Flowers

Your little girl love flowers! So why not surround your little girl with the things that she loves the most. Most little girls like flowers of all sorts, but some have one particular flower that they love the most. When planning a redecorating project for your girl’s room, this is a grand idea.

Bedding Flower designs are easy to come by. There are numerous bedding designs that you can choose from. A variation is good. Say for instance, your daughter loves carnations and daisies. Purchase daisy decorated bedding and carnation designed items for accents. Accent pillows, curtains, throws, anything that can serve as an accent, choose this for your daughter’s secondary favorite flower.

Painting When you’ve picked out a particular flower design for the bedding and accents, then pick out your paint color. Pink or yellow is a good choice for this will bring out the colors on your bedding. Paint the walls either pink or yellow and add wallpaper border or stencils to it to liven up the walls a bit.

Decor Now this is where you can go wild. Little girls tend to like a lot of stuff in their rooms. Go to the home decor section of your local department store and search out flower themed items for your girl’s room. Girls love pillows and blankets and accent rugs. As the child gets older she will be spending lots more time in her room, so designing it with her tastes in mind is great. When purchasing pillows, think big, fluffy, soft and fuzzy pillows. And almost all the time, girls will prefer either pink or purple. A couple of bean bag chairs are an excellent idea for adding style to your daughter’s room.

Curtains and Blinds In order to keep from making her room too overwhelming with flowers, make it a point to keep the curtains a solid color. Sheer or semi sheer curtains are best for the girl’s room because this allows the right amount of light to come in. But sheer curtains should be combined with window blinds. White or off-white blinds will do just fine.

Mirrors Little girls love checking themselves out and making sure they look good. Place a mirror in the area that she spends most of her time.

Designing girl’s bedroom could be fairly easy if you know what your daughter likes. And once you have a list of what she likes, start decorating. She will love the new room and will be anxious to invite her friends over to play in it.


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