How To Create A Sports Theme For A Boy’s Room

It is a known fact that boys love active sports. A majority of young boys are into soccer, basketball or baseball. If your son is one of these boys that love sports and everything that has to do with sports then maybe a sports themed room is a great idea for him. Where can you start? It is a good idea to settle on one particular sport (you know the one that he lives for) and go with that. Here are a few ideas of the most popular sports.

Soccer This sport is growing in popularity and has been for a while now. Boys now have soccer heroes to look up to and admire. Designing a soccer room is quite simple. First, you start by simply changing all of his bedding. You need not change his bed completely unless you want to purchase a soccer themed bed. Go to a linen supply store and search for soccer related bed linens and accessories for the room. Since this is a popular sport, it will be easy. After purchasing your linens, buy a couple of soccer balls, get them inflated and then hang them from the ceiling. Some parents prefer to hang them over the bed or over the study desk. After the soccer bags are hung from the ceiling, simply hang little soccer knick knacks on the walls to remind him of his favorite sport. For instance, a whistle, an old uniform, or a loose net. These are simple little changes that can make a big difference in your little boy’s room.

Basketball Much like the above, follow the same steps for changing the linens and hanging sports related objects. But for a basketball theme, you can go the extra mile and put in a “door hoop”, a small basketball hoop that connects to the back of your son’s door. You can find these in your local department stores in the toy section. If it is within your budget, you can search for a jersey of your son’s favorite basketball player on the Internet and stretch that across a wall. Preferably the wall opposite his bed. Your son will enjoy his room time and time again.

Baseball This themed room can too be redecorated following the similar steps above, but to give it a personal touch you can get a wall size poster of your son’s favorite ballpark, ex: Yankee Stadium, and stretch it across the long wall opposite his bed. Also, getting items such as a baseball glove, bat and ball and securing them to the walls also adds a personal touch to your boy’s room.

As with all decorating, it’s more effective when you add your own personal touch it. Your son will be thrilled to see that you touch such personal interest in him and his interests! However you decorate your boy’s room, remember to add personality to it and it will be a success.

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