Dressing Up Your Windows: Curtain & Window Treatment Lessons

Windows are not only our way to look out on the world, but also the world’s way of looking back. Windows with only mini-blinds give the world a feeling of coldness, and people may see you as less friendly, whereas people with no curtains or pretty, upbeat curtains seem to be open and friendly. From the inside of your home, people also get a sense of who you are by looking at the types of curtains you use. I’m not necessarily writing about the psychology of curtains, but we are going to look at different options for curtains and their meanings.

Ruffled curtains were popular when I was growing up. If you didn’t have ruffles, then they weren’t really curtains. Ruffles give your home a girly, frilly look, but when used with the right fabric, they can be attractive and classy. There is one major drawback to ruffles: ruffled curtains, more than any others, have a terrible tendency to get dusty. If you or your family has allergies, I would suggest thinking twice before covering your windows with ruffles.

Sheer curtains have become more desirable over the past few years. Sheers are wonderful for letting in a lot of sunlight, especially during the long summer days. Personally, sheers are probably my favorite type of curtain, but they don’t allow for much privacy. Additionally, they don’t help keep out the cold during the winter. You may want to combine a sheer and a heavier curtain so that you can pull the heavier curtain aside and use only the sheer during the summer, but you can also have the privacy and warmth of the other curtain anytime.

Tab and tie curtains are attractive, modern alternatives to standard curtains where you simply run a long piece of fabric across the rod. Tabs and ties let you still see the rod, which can be an advantage if you have a great rod, but if you have a cheap, ugly rod, you may not want to show it off. Tabs, especially long tab curtains, are wonderful additions to a formal dining room, when the height works to show off the design of the curtains and the formality of the room. Ties are especially nice in an informal kitchen or breakfast nook when coupled with a fun plaid or striped fabric; the ties are somewhat childlike and provide an interesting feeling of ease and playfulness.

Whatever type of curtain you choose, you should match the overall theme in the room. If you have a very country room, modern fabric or styles will clash with the rest of your decor. You should also consider buying curtains that are classic in both style and fabric so that you can use them for years to come. Solid fabrics and sheers may be able to work in your room no matter how many times you change the decor. Curtains are expensive, so find something that you could use throughout the year and for a lifetime.

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