Creating A Sexy Bedroom

As the weather turns chilly the need for warmer and more romantic rooms rise. If your room is plain, how do you go about adding a little extra spice? Here are a few ideas to help you in your decision to redecorate and create a sexy sensuous bedroom.

Coat Down the Walls! Painting is a method that has been long praised as a quick and efficient method of creating new look for your room. If you want something that is completely opposite of your plain white room, go for bolder, more romantic colors. Although red is the most popular sexy and romantic color, painting the entire room red is not recommended. Instead of red, try for a goldenrod or honey gold color with red accented trim. This will give your room a rich and provocative feel. If you have a fireplace in your room, paint the mantle the same red color. In any case, painting the walls golden will convey richness and value.

Change the Curtains Instead of the heavy material curtains, exchange them for thin lacy or satin type curtains. White and red combined helps further increase the sensual nature of the room. Purchase one red panel for each two white panels per window. Sandwich the red lace panel between the two white lace panels. Doing so produces a soft and warm window appearance.

Change the Bedding Color This is one of the main tasks that you will do. Changing the bedding represents change from the norm to the more sensual. When searching for the perfect bedding, think romance, sexiness, warmth and comfort. Aside from your partner, your bedding will be providing the comfort and warmth through the winter months. Dabbing some of your perfume on the linens is recommended to make your bedding even more intimate.

Candles, Flowers and More Adding romantic scented candles to your room is a perfect way of making this room more at home. Candles come in many scents, colors and sizes. It’s really up to you which types to buy. Two-wick pillar candles are popular as well as four-wick colossal candles. These colossal candles burn slower while giving off constant passive light. Including fresh and faux flowers also add to the romance and sensuality of your room.

Adding potpourri helps appeal to the smell senses, further increasing the effectiveness of your room. And don’t forget the music. Set a favorite classical or instrumental music CD on repeat play and play it continuously. So no matter what time of the day it is, you are being engrossed by romance from every direction.


Rhonda Morin, owner of and author of The Decorating Bible, enjoys writing and teaching others how to decorate the homes of their dreams, while enjoying her own sexy bedroom.


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