Decorate That Country Style Room Within Your Budget

A decorating style is an important initial element in decorating any room or home. The style gives the room a welcoming atmosphere and is used as a way of expressing the personality the person or people who live there. It often times determines the taste and preferences of the person decorating the room and the family who lives in the home.

Most Americans also prefer to use a specific style when decorating their homes because it makes rooms flow and it expresses who they are to those whom they invite into their lives. A popular style chosen by many Americans is the country style. In fact, 27% of Americans choose this style for their rooms! It can become quite costly and expensive to decorate every room in your home in the country style but here are some tips that can help you attain that country style without too much expense.

1. Paint the rooms with a white or cream colored paint. Most country style decorators prefer softer tones of paints as they provide a relaxed atmosphere and comfort. This way accessories, art and other artifacts will stand out against a neutral palette.

2. You may save money by simplifying the interior of the house. Wood furniture and decorative items made of pine and oak are most commonly used in decorating a room as they provide a fresher look to the interior and are less expensive than those made of plastic, glass, or highly finished harder woods.

3. The use of bold patterns should be eliminated. You may use patterns that are elegant but in soft muted colors. You may also choose traditional and conventional accessories to decorate the room. Plaids, simple stripes, small patterned prints and woven fabrics are great for this style.

4. Shop for old furniture and other accessories at garage sales and save money rather than buying new furniture. You can cover any damaged parts of the furniture with cloth, paint, etc.

5. Fresh flowers may be placed in any unused glass or vase. Use other decorative plants inside the house to achieve a country style theme.

6. Uncovered windows, without curtains can be stylish and simple. You can enjoy the view outside and it will create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. You may use simple treatments like plain drapery panels and valances or Roman shades. Adding a simple vine of flowers or greenery across a window opening also softens the window and adds some character.

7. Minimize the use of mirrors inside the room and use scented candles to brighten the room. Simple lamps can be made out of old jars, pots, vases, cans boxes, etc. They can be secured together and a lamp kit inserted inside to provide hold the light bulb and the shade.

8. The use of wooden flooring is appropriate for country decorating. The floor is left uncovered to give a natural look. Use sea grass and/or natural woven cotton rugs near the bed and in the sitting area.

These are just a few simple tips to use to save many dollars and at the same time achieve a country style design.

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