Choosing Carpet For Your Lifestyle

You walk on it everyday; you clean it each week; your kids spill milk on it five minutes after you clean it; what on earth could it be? Heck, it’s YOUR carpeting. With all this wear and tear, it’s probably time to buy some new carpet for your home.

Carpet Quality

High traffic areas such as halls, family rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, recreation rooms and stairs need to have high quality carpeting. If you do not have quality carpeting in these areas, you will most likely have to change it in half the time as compared to carpeting in low-wear locations.

Stain Resistance & Fibers

You also need to consider who will be on the carpeting. You may want to think about purchasing stain-resistant carpet if you have kids. Although the cost is significantly higher, the carpet will last for many many more years – maybe even years longer than it would otherwise. If you have children, then you also might want to make sure the carpeting is soft enough that they can conveniently crawl around every space.

Carpet Color

The color of your carpeting should will figure into the design of your house and might likewise figure into the resale value of the home. Think about it, having pink carpet will permanently force you to make your designs match the color of the carpeting. Patterned carpet, perhaps a tan with gray flecks, will make the carpeting match practically any decor while also hiding spills and problem locations.

The Cost of Carpet

If you do not expect to keep your house for many years, you might not want to pay top dollar for the most highly stain resistant, softest, longest warranty carpeting. You do not want to lose money when you sell your house because you spent a small fortune on carpeting that you cannot take with you.

Carpet is a huge choice, so prior to making any purchases talk with friends, family, neighbors, teachers and coworkers about what they like and don’t like about their carpet. Likewise, you need to speak with a credible carpet dealer about the positives and negatives of each carpet and check out the store to see samples; they never ever look the same on the computer and you need to know how your new carpet will feel.

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